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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Shay Olivia Helping People Improve their Mental and Financial Health

For so many people around the world, there seems to be a trade-off between mental health and financial success. On one side, you have a group of people who seek mental solace at the expense of wealth. Then you have a group of wealthy people who have burnt out and sacrificed joy and relationships to get to where they are. Now, Shay Olivia is here to show the world that you can have both. 

Shay Olivia is an internationally published author and coach who has helped thousands of women in the last fifteen years experience financial success and mental wellness. She teaches and empowers people through her expertise in areas like psychosomatic healing, stress management, and depression studies. Beyond her speaking and coaching career, she is also a talk show and radio host, financial health advocate, and advocate for mental health and social justice, most especially for women who were victims of familial abuse and domestic narcissism.

But behind all her success is a woman who has been through the fire and risen above the flames. Shay Olivia once battled psychological abuse at home, which resulted in mental, familial, spiritual, and financial problems. Yet, despite her dark past, Olivia was able to break free from the cycle and take control of her journey. Today, she is now a millionaire and influencer with over 300,000 viewers and thousands of mentees from all parts of the globe. Now Shay has switched gears and moved from victim to victor to liberator, seeking to create a movement that will transform the lives of millions of domestic abuse victims and debt-driven individuals through her wisdom and encouragement.

Experiencing Shay Olivia firsthand has been nothing short of transformational for many of her clients.  “People that work with me either leave with an accelerated business launch, new daily habits, healthier physical body, less physical and emotional stress, and many more,” expressed the coach about the influence she has had on people. “I love helping people create streams of income and achieve measurable progress towards their lifelong passion. The two things that drive me are my desire to give back what I have received and build a legacy that will trickle down through generations after us.”

Through Shay’s program, people get access to a daily accountability regimen that will serve as therapy and motivation to get through one’s most overwhelming hurdles. Olivia believes that this accountability was key for her personal growth and for the multitudes of people who have benefitted from her programs. Not many can consistently provide that level of touch-base with her community as Shay Olivia, and that puts her a cut above the rest.

Other programs that Shay Olivia has launched include a book writing mentorship, content creation course, financial strategy coaching programs, and a goal-setting mastermind. Still, Olivia has many other ideas and programs in mind that will exponentially grow her impact over the next few years.

As Shay Olivia empowers more women and individuals to stand up to their abusers, she hopes that the world will be a better place. She desires to see more people live free from their mental and relational bondages so they can experience the best that life has to offer.

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