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Sharon Champagne Terry Building a Legacy in Business, Film, and the Arts

The adage “jack of all trades master of none” has people frowning down upon people who tend to wear multiple hats. And while it’s always more advantageous to master one craft than spread yourself too thin, some individuals have the tenacity, drive, and ability to succeed in multiple fields. One such individual is Sharon Champagne Terry, who has created a name for herself in various practices. 

Sharon Terry, also known as Champagne, is an entrepreneur, actress, screenwriter, model, and author, among many other things. Colleagues and friends refer to her as a modern-day renaissance woman. Primarily Champagne runs a publishing company called Champagne Books, the corporate arm that distributes literary works and manages publishing, distribution, and other administrative needs. The company mostly takes care of the owner and founder’s literary projects. Through it, Sharon Terry has published multiple titles, including The Goddess of Love, Lust and Infatuation Part 1, Blissful Lust Part 2, Dark Memories, and The Crossover. 

The author has shown a prolific writing ability that has engrossed many readers and earned her various awards and recognitions in the writing arena. Some of her accolades include being selected as the Author of the Year by the Roca Awards two times in a row and the Top Female Author in the Author Academy Awards in 2019.

When she isn’t writing books or running her publishing company, Sharon Champagne Terry also spends time writing screenplays and starring in some films. The screenplay writer has completed a pilot for a TV show called The Goddess, set to air this coming fall under MJOWN Network on Roku. She also has a deep acting filmography, which includes starring in the comedy show entitled I’ll Drink To That, which comedy icon Uncle Trent created. Sharon also starred in other films, including Living the Dream and Between Jobs. 

Because of her success in the world of film, Champagne Terry has also received invitations to mentor up-and-coming screenwriters. Currently, she teaches at the Coach John Screenwriting Academy where she helps young and aspiring filmmakers and writers hone their craft and build a career in the film industry.

Sharon also takes the time to work in the modeling industry as a plus-size model for various photoshoots and runway events. She currently works under the management of Hass Entertainment, a top-level modeling agency that works with some of the country and the world’s most recognized brands. Additionally, Sharon has cat walked in events like The Night of Elegance in New York City and many other fashion shows. 

In all she does, Sharon Champagne Terry displays an undying love for her craft. Moreover, she uses her platform to serve as an inspiration to women everywhere. She maintains that if she can thrive in various industries, all women can do the same. Sharon hopes that her legacy will resonate with women, especially those among minority groups and the youth. 

Sharon continues to juggle all her current projects and endeavors while maintaining a steady sense of work-life balance in the process, showing that no one has to limit themselves to one thing for the rest of their life. To learn more about Sharon Champagne Terry, visit her website and Instagram profile.

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