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Scalp Prodigy Cements Its Reputation as One of the Leading Scalp Micropigmentation Establishments

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Benaiah Poindexter is a firm believer that one should not settle for less when it comes to their body. Benaiah is the lead technician and owner of Scalp Prodigy. In this establishment, they restore their client’s youth and re-build their confidence through the various processes they offer, including Scalp Micropigmentation, Eyebrow Microblading, and a variety of skin treatments.

Benaiah launched her now-flourishing business after completing her graduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland College. She opened the first branch of her operation in a studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Soon after, she was able to open a second location in Silver Spring, Maryland, and a third in Los Gatos, California. Benaiah’s love for her craft and the life-changing testimonies from previous clients made her business expansion genuinely possible.

After getting a degree in Business Administration, Benaiah soon acquired her esthetician and tattooing licenses. Now, she and her team have completed over 2,000 treatments collectively. That number is still rising as Scalp Prodigy strives to offer the highest level of assistance to all its present and future clientele.

The brand offers various treatments and procedures that help people with assorted concerns, but they truly shine with their Scalp Micropigmentation procedure. This non-invasive procedure battles hair loss with zero downtime and gives immediate results. This method applies a soft gradient created from layered pointillism that mimics native hair follicles. With this, the brand swears that hair loss worries will be a thing of the past in just four treatment sessions.

Another procedure that it offers is Eyebrow Microblading – a type of permanent tattoo used to enhance the color, shape, and symmetry of one’s natural brow. The approach is straightforward, with two options to choose from: the standard strokes within the hair of the brow or ombre, which gives out a powdery look that gives the brow definition. Both styles will heal the same way, and customarily, both will take at least two sessions for optimal results.

Besides the two mentioned above, Scalp Prodigy also provides several skin treatment procedures that include a technique called Skin Peel. It can be done twice a month and comes with several different options. Scalp Prodigy’s approaches offer a clean, comfortable, and welcoming ambiance as all their patrons are treated with the utmost professionalism, compassion, and confidentiality. Benaiah firmly declares that they will never lose their way by putting profit before quality.

What sets Scalp Prodigy apart from its competitors are their passion and positive energy that they never fail to incorporate in all of their sessions. In years to come, Benaiah hopes to expand her brand and have the opportunity to help more people regain their self-assurance through her passion and letting them know that they don’t have to settle.

Head to their website to find out more about Benaiah and Scalp Prodigy.

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