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Ryley Gauthier: The Young Mogul’s Road to a Billion-View TikTok Triumph

Ryley Gauthier: The Young Mogul's Road to a Billion-View TikTok Triumph
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At just 18, Ryley Gauthier has already achieved more than most people ever dream of in their entire lifetimes. A tech-savvy entrepreneur, Gauthier is the proud founder of the second-largest financial education platform on the planet, which currently boasts over 100k+ active students. He’s also a content creator with a wildly successful strategy that generated over 3.5 billion TikTok views in five months. That’s an impressive feat, considering we live in a content-saturated world with creators competing for the same fleeting attention from fans. It’s even more impressive when you dive into this young mogul’s journey from humble beginnings to the top of his game.

Born and raised in modest circumstances, Gauthier’s life wasn’t always as opulent as it is today. Luckily, he had amazing parents who modeled the value of hard work and consistency. Growing up, he picked up several odd jobs at an amusement park and Whole Foods to bring in extra income. At the time, his possessions were limited to a 2011 Toyota Corolla, his loyal canine companion, and himself. That didn’t dampen his ambitions.

At 16, with $0 to his name, Gauthier took his first steps into the entrepreneurial world by launching a streetwear clothing brand called “Cold”. Because of his young age, he had to overcome several hurdles along the way, including challenges in accessing essential services required for business success, like Shopify and Stripe. His unwavering dedication won off when three months of relentless effort culminated in his first $10,000,  a pivotal moment that opened his eyes to the endless possibilities in the e-commerce world.

Despite his youth, Gauthier wasn’t content with just one success. He wanted to build an empire with many branches. That led him to establish an anonymous seven-figure e-commerce brand that still generates revenue today. A staunch advocate for financial freedom, he’s also monetized his passion and raked in profits through Ryley’s Workshop, a personal mentorship program where he shares his wealth of knowledge with others.

“I was inspired to teach by my mother who raised me and my father who graduated with a Ph.D. in criminal justice from Liberty University,” Gauthier explains, reflecting on his upbringing. “This mentorship right now has a 100% success rate with all students accepted into the program.” Gauthier’s one-on-one approach, derived from personal experience and conversations with professors, proves far more effective than traditional classroom settings.

“When I built Ryley’s Workshop, the only thing in my mind was ‘How can I help as many people escape from the 9-5 life that everyone dreads,’” Gauthier adds. “I talked to a few professors and from my own personal experience and learned that the 1-on-1 approach is much more beneficial than sticking people in a classroom or a course.” With Gauthier’s current lifestyle as proof of what’s possible, it’s easy to see why students keep signing up for the Workshop.

At just 18, Ryley Gauthier owns a dream car, a 2022 Corvette Z06, and resides in a penthouse. His extensive watch collection and cumulative 2 million social media followers underscore his remarkable journey. Additionally, Gauthier is the Chief Marketing Officer at Parrot Finance, a fintech company, and generated seven figures from e-commerce endeavors. As his empire grows, the young entrepreneur aspires to build one of the most impactful and beneficial mentorships for e-commerce enthusiasts worldwide.

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