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Rustam Gilfanov: Technology, Innovation, Charity

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Rustam is running an IT business, a venture partner of the LongeVC fund and a co-founder of a large IT company.


Rustam was a student when the world wide web was actively developing. He obtained a law degree and paid attention to information technology. Eventually, the future investor came up with the idea of ​​​​setting up his IT startup. The decision was based on Rustam’s experience in a few international IT projects. In addition, good knowledge of law made Rustam confident in what he was doing.

Rustam and his partners decided to launch a small IT startup in 2006. Today this company is considered one of the largest ones in the market of software developers for the financial, gaming, and marketing sectors. This status is well-deserved: the company has created over a hundred unique gaming applications. Its offices are in Malta and Cyprus, but the company also operates in Latvia and Ukraine.

The game changer was the following: Rustam Gilfanov opted for a new format of modern entrepreneurship in his company from the very start. He always focused on high-quality support to youth when they demonstrated talents and encouraged the employees to develop. As a result, the 5-year-old company employs a thousand people, and each is free to unlock their career potential.


Rustam pays a lot of attention to charity and corporate social responsibility. He is known well as a philanthropist and a person promoting social responsibility projects in IT. Rustam also seeks to create as many educational projects for youth as possible.

Rustam has long been an active member of the famous foundation ‘I Am the Future of Ukraine’ and sponsored numerous social initiatives. Besides, he supports families, including single mothers, who found themselves in difficult situations.

One of his most notable charity projects is LakiBuks, set up with the ‘I Am the Future of Ukraine’ foundation. LakiBuks supports talented writers and aims to popularize non-fiction in Ukrainian among teenagers.

The project was launched at the 2017 Book Arsenal festival in Ukraine. Then, in 2018, LakiBuks partnered with the Book Arsenal festival again to set up a particular program for children. After that, the project visited many cities in Ukraine and then across the EU.

It all started with the partnership with children’s libraries in the east of the country and grew up quite fast to embrace 200 libraries all over Ukraine. As part of the LakiBuks project, over 5,000 copies of teenage books on popular science topics were distributed through libraries in 2018. Due to the lack of non-fiction books written in Ukrainian, the printed versions were first delivered to the villages of the Southern and Eastern regions of Ukraine. According to Rustam Gilfanov, LakiBucks is one of the most significant projects in his life.

Rustam Gilfanov also sponsors the initiative of the full-fledged restoration of the children’s library in Kyiv. As a result, the place will become a unique library hub. This idea was implemented together with the Maybutnyy Library Project. A computer class was created in the library as part of the project, where people can take programming courses from leading company experts. This part of the project was planned as a one-time event, but eventually, it spread all over Ukraine.


Rustam decided to retire from operating activities and turn his efforts to the investment field. He will choose the most exciting and promising IT projects in video streaming, fintech, and gaming to invest in, as they have been actively developing in recent years.

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