Rony Jabour Is Recognized as Top 100 Leader in Education by Global Forum for Education in Las Vegas

Rony Jabour was conferred with the Top 100 Leaders in Education Award for his significant contributions in the field of education at GFEL, held at MG Las Vegas on June 24, 2021.

This prestigious award recognizes educators all around the world for their significant contributions to the field of education based on the following five parameters: (1) overall reach, (2) industry impact, (3) spirit of innovation, (4) future readiness and (5) market demand.

Rony Jabour, a visionary entrepreneur, is the founder of United Safety Net—the most innovative safety training institute in the USA, located in Woburn, near Boston, Massachusetts. He is also an OSHA and Environmental Health and safety trainer; in fact, he is one of most requested OSHA safety trainers in the USA.

Rony Jabour created the first safety training for COVID-19 in the US, where he trained thousands of people for free during the pandemic.

An author and an inspiration for those entrepreneurs and professionals, he has helped thousands of workers go back home safely every day.

Rony Jabour holds two master’s certifications from the University of Texas while also making efforts to help people return to their loved ones safely every day.

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