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Roger L. Richter – His Life under a broader telescope

Roger L. Richter
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A sense of purpose is central to a productive and fulfilling life. People with a strong sense of purpose tend to live longer and healthier than those without direction. In times of discouragement and self-doubt, finding practical ways to discover one’s God-given purpose and live accordingly is essential. Roger Richter’s life exemplifies seeking determination, strength, and faith to pursue destiny. Richter was born on December 7th, 1946, in Kearney, Nebraska. Growing up as a Catholic, his belief in God and supernatural powers has helped him achieve his accomplishments. He spent much of his childhood fishing and hunting in a small midwestern town where his great-grandparents had homesteaded. He attended schools in the same city from kindergarten to high school, where he played football and was appointed high school football team captain.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, Richter embarked on his journey as a teacher at a community college, passing on his knowledge of the subject to his students. It was God’s supernatural hand that compelled him to do what he was doing in the early stages of his professional odyssey. God began to reveal things to him about who he was to become and what He had in store for Richter. While in college, he met the love of his life, and they got married, giving birth to two sons. His passion for business developed even more, compelling him to enroll in an MBA program at the University of Nebraska. Upon his graduation, Richter paved his way to a computer company, where he worked as a computer salesperson and programmer for banks.

After two years at the computer company, Richter moved to Los Angeles, where he made room for himself in the industry. He was offered a job to work for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce by a friend who was the executive director at the time, but he decided to stay with the computer company he was working for. Richter had fun working with the Hollywood Christmas Parades, helping put a few stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He also worked with two primary banks in the United States, Bank of America and Lloyd’s Bank, for two years, helping them manage mainframe computers to do their check processing.

After those experiences, Richter moved back to the Midwest, significantly changing his life and witnessing substantial growth in his business career. His life began to accelerate upon his return, and it was around this time that his two sons were born. In addition, his business career had also skyrocketed, making him the president of a Fortune 500 company. Later in his business career, Roger L. Richter became the vice president and general manager of a Fortune 100 company.

During his rise to the top, he faced a very devastating situation when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and died following a three-year battle with cancer. Despite bearing the colossal loss of his wife, Richter’s belief in God and supernatural powers kept him strong and composed. He was given some supernatural promises for life, which kept him going. To put all his memories in one place, Roger Richter has penned a book revolving around his life and supernatural experiences.

Despite facing personal and professional challenges along the way, including losing his wife to breast cancer, Richter remained steadfast in his faith and saw the supernatural hand of God guiding him through life’s twists and turns. His commitment to his God-given destiny and his unwavering belief in the power of faith helped him achieve his goals and find fulfillment in both his personal and professional life.

In a nutshell, Roger L. Richter’s life is an inspiring example of seeking God-given destiny through determination, strength, and faith. Despite his setbacks and challenges, his belief in God and supernatural powers helped him achieve his goals and remain strong during difficult times. Roger L. Richter’s life is a fascinating journey of self-discovery and faith that has taken him from small-town Nebraska to the pinnacle of corporate success. Throughout his life, Richter has been guided by a strong sense of purpose, a belief that there is a greater plan at work in the universe and that everyone has a unique role to play in it. Today, Richter is a sought-after speaker and author, sharing his inspiring story of faith, perseverance, and determination with audiences worldwide. His life is a testament to the power of purpose and the importance of never giving up on dreams.

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