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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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RePlatform and Barnraiser Weekend have joined forces to drive innovation within the Parallel Economy

Photo Credit: Unsplash.com
Photo Credit: Unsplash.com

This strategic partnership is aimed at fostering sustainable growth and resilience amid economic uncertainty.

RePlatform, known for initiatives like Defeat the Mandates and The Freedom Economy Convention, proudly announces its collaboration with Barnraiser Weekend to accelerate the growth and impact of startups and entrepreneurs operating within the Parallel Economy. This dynamic partnership will feature an exclusive three-day accelerator program, the Barnraiser Accelerator @ RePlatform PALACE 3, designed to empower businesses to scale beyond the confines of the mainstream narrative.

The Barnraiser Accelerator @ RePlatform PALACE 3 represents a groundbreaking initiative offering hands-on mentorship and invaluable networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups. Over the course of three days, participants will engage with key stakeholders in the Parallel Economy, including banks, advisors, developers, investors, and legal experts who share their values and aspirations. This unique accelerator program provides entrepreneurs with the platform to test their assumptions and minimum viable products (MVPs) directly on the trade show floor, engaging with 100 businesses and 2,000 attendees.

Key figures driving Barnraiser Weekend include:

Jonathan McPike, the President of Agathos Law, is widely recognized for his proficiency in corporate and securities law. Having experience in private equity, venture capital, and corporate law, McPike is dedicated to assisting businesses striving to create a beneficial influence in today’s complex landscape.

RePlatform and Barnraiser Weekend have joined forces to drive innovation within the Parallel Economy

Photo Courtesy: Matthew Mohlman

Matthew Mohlman, President of Monument Ventures, is dedicated to providing founders with the blueprint for operating principles-driven businesses. With over a decade of executive experience in investment firms, Mohlman is a seasoned professional in guiding businesses toward principled success.

RePlatform and Barnraiser Weekend have joined forces to drive innovation within the Parallel Economy

Photo Courtesy: Frank Clement

Frank Clement, Director of Strategic Partnerships at America’s Christian Credit Union, brings his expertise in fostering partnerships for the Parallel Economy. His focus on achieving institutional growth and expanding mission impact makes him a valuable asset in fostering partnerships.

Aron Wagner, an accomplished technology leader, holds a fervent dedication to mission-critical digital infrastructure. He co-authored two industry playbooks aimed at educating professionals on hosting, cloud services, data center operations, and interconnection. With a track record of success, Aron has overseen the activation of numerous points of presence across major global IX markets. Before transitioning to the private sector, Aron served as an airborne infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Division, earning distinction with the Ranger Tab and contributing to Operation Inherent Resolve during his deployment in Iraq.

Steven Arevalo, a Principal at Cloud View and a Technology Development Specialist at Lustra Labs, where he partners with organizations to define technology roadmaps and execute their product development strategy. He builds and manages technical teams while implementing the proper controls to measure and monitor objectives, key results, and performance indicators.

Sean Patrick Tario, the co-founder of MARK37.COM, is dedicated to assisting individuals in transitioning away from big tech platforms and discovering products and resources that promote a more autonomous lifestyle. He travels across the country educating various groups on how to #BoycottBigTech by safeguarding their communications and data, offering solutions such as the Ghost Phone and Ghost Laptop. With a wealth of experience in IT, entrepreneurship, and investment, Sean is a respected figure who advocates for digital sovereignty and privacy.

The collaboration between RePlatform and Barnraiser Weekend underscores a shared commitment to advancing innovation and entrepreneurship within the Parallel Economy. As the Freedom Economy Convention approaches, attendees can expect a comprehensive lineup of events, including a business expo, specialized accelerator tracks, and panels aimed at equipping entrepreneurs, investors, consumers, and advertisers with the tools to navigate and thrive in today’s economic landscape.

About RePlatform:

Founded by the visionary team behind Defeat the Mandates and the Covid Litigation Conferences, RePlatform is dedicated to elevating the quality of innovation and investment in the Parallel Economy. The Freedom Economy Convention, taking place from Friday, March 8, 2024, to Sunday, March 10, 2024, at the Horseshoe Hotel in Las Vegas, is a crucial gathering for those seeking tangible solutions beyond the cancel strategy of Corporate America The event includes a business expo, The Astral Ball Barnraiser, a specialized accelerator track, and panels designed to equip attendees—entrepreneurs, investors, consumers, and advertisers—with the tools to UnCancel America.

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