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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Renowned Poet Valerie Yvette Peterson Empowers Individuals to Rewrite Their Stories and Find Their Voices

Valerie Yvette Peterson
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Valerie Yvette Peterson, a highly acclaimed poet, playwright, author, and inspirational speaker, is transforming lives through her powerful words and captivating performances. With over three decades of experience, Valerie has become a guiding light for those seeking self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. Through her organization, PROJECT C-O-C-O-A (Creating Opportunities, Creating Outcomes, through Action), she offers innovative programs that combine poetry writing and spoken word recitation, empowering individuals to unleash the power of their voices.

Valerie’s journey as an artist has been shaped by her profound understanding of the struggles faced by individuals in various life situations. Having overcome personal challenges such as surviving domestic violence and navigating relationships, she discovered solace and empowerment through the art of poetry and spoken word. Now, Valerie is dedicated to inspiring and guiding others on their own paths of healing and self-discovery.

Through her signature programs, “IT’S IMPERATIVE TO WRITE YOUR NARRATIVE” and “IT’S IMPERATIVE TO SPEAK YOUR NARRATIVE,” Valerie empowers participants to find their unique voices and develop a blueprint for living a more fulfilling and purposeful life. By combining the written word with captivating performances, she creates a safe and supportive space for attendees to explore their stories, embrace their vulnerabilities, and uncover the strength within themselves.

Valerie emphasizes that writing can be a transformative and therapeutic process. It allows individuals to understand their personal journeys, identify areas for growth, and take conscious steps toward positive change. Her workshops equip participants with the tools and techniques to craft their narratives with courage and authenticity. By offering guidance on poetry writing and spoken word recitation, Valerie empowers individuals to command respect over their lives and embrace their true potential.

What sets Valerie apart from the competition is her unique approach of using poetry writing, playwriting, spoken word recitation, and stage and workshop performances as a complete, all-inclusive brand for self-growth. With years of experience teaching poetry and performing spoken word, Valerie has honed her skills and garnered success in transforming the lives of many participants. She has taken classes from gospel music greats: Hezekiah Walker and Donald Lawrence, receiving a certificate from the Hezekiah Walker Center for Gospel Music, which allowed her to hone in on her spoken word voice. She has also learned directly from luminaries like Maya Angelou on how to deliver poetry.

Valerie’s expertise extends beyond her work with PROJECT C-O-C-O-A. She has graced numerous stages and festivals, captivating audiences with her poignant performances. Her literary work has been featured in reputable publications such as the Nashville Herald and Kontrol Magazine. Additionally, Valerie has secured prominent roles in theater productions, including Douglas Lyons’ Broadway Comedy, “Chicken and Biscuits,” produced by Portland Playhouse.

In addition to her live performances, Valerie has released a collection of empowering spoken word singles that combine her poetry with rich musical backing. Tracks like “WHEN SHE DANCES,” “EARTH’S HUE,” “GOD’S SEASONS” and “ACORN” can be found on various streaming platforms, providing listeners with an immersive and inspiring experience.

Valerie Yvette Peterson’s journey is a testament to the power of self-expression and the resilience of the human spirit. Through her unwavering commitment to helping others find their voices, she has become a beacon of hope and empowerment.

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