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Remi Sabbah: Championing Women Empowerment Women Through High Fashion

Around the world, powerful women are on the rise. Over the past few years, society has seen an increase of girl bosses, strong female leads, and empowered ladies. One such character is the inspiring fashion mogul, Remi Sabbah.

For the designer, art is simply a way of life. She was exposed to the world of style and creativity at an early age and grew up in a household that encourages artistry and imagination. With this kind of upbringing, it is no wonder that Remi Sabbah developed a fascination for fashion and style.

After traveling and experiencing different cultures, the remarkable individual felt inspired to pursue her passion. It did not take long for her to decide to attend the Milan Fashion School, where she studied and worked alongside Angelo Russica, the former head of Design for Gianni Versace. After which, she proceeded to study in ESMOD Paris before settling down in Cyprus.

In 2011, the visionary brought her dream to life when she sold her first blazer collection. Within a few months, they were sold out, and the success of her pioneer project encouraged the young entrepreneur to persevere. 

Eventually, she founded an exclusive fashion concept label with her namesake. The Remi Sabbah brand offers timeless pieces and elegant collections that strike a balance between femininity and independence. 

The innovative designer specializes in creating clothes that bring out and highlight a woman’s freedom, power, and beauty. This awe-inspiring perspective is the foundation of the fashion house’s mission and goal. 

With the modern woman in mind, the label strives to create products that honor and complement a lady’s most important attributes, including her figure, confidence, and personality. Each garment is expertly crafted, bringing together a harmonious use of colors, textures, and fabrics that produces one-of-a-kind, exquisite designs.

As the Creative Director of the enterprise, Remi Sabbah is committed to producing breathtaking and unique original designs that celebrate women’s diversity, beauty, and accomplishments. She takes inspiration from the various places she has visited and pays homage to her Lebanese heritage.

On top of that, the company is dedicated to providing high-quality clothing made and sourced from only the best fabrics. The dynamic founder confidently stated, “Our brand reflects the idea of buying consciously by giving value to fashion pieces that are made to last.”

Through their outstanding fashion items, the fashion label empowers women and helps them gain the confidence they need to take on the world. This dedication to excellence, creative expression, and inclusivity is what sets the brand apart from its competition. 

Despite being a young company, Remi Sabbah has already achieved plenty of accomplishments. Yet at the same time, its founder acknowledges that the venture still has a long way to go and a great potential to grow. 

As the business continues to improve, it guarantees that it will remain steadfast in its mission to boost every woman’s self-esteem through fashion. With this incredible advocacy, there is no doubt that the label will gain a broader audience and earn a bigger following in the future.

Check out Remi Sabbah’s collections by visiting their Instagram account and official website.

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