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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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REAP Inc: Providing a Platform That Creates Strong and Successful Youth Leaders

It is no secret that the progress and advancement of society rely on the collaborative effort of all industries and their respective figureheads. However, REAP Inc. knows that strong leaders are not just born; they are made. As such, the great enterprise has developed intuitive programs and an excellent curriculum to help create confident and capable leaders.

At the helm of the Portland, Oregon-based organization are co-founders Levell Thomas and Mark Jackson. What motivated the pair to build the brand was their shared passion for guiding the youth towards honing their skills and enhancing their abilities. Founded in 2001, it has a diverse set of courses and multifaceted programs designed to uplift resilient leaders and empowers them to achieve their dreams.

However, the establishment is not without its challenges and problems. During the pandemic, it had to learn how to adapt to the new normal and make significant changes. Fortunately, the enterprise successfully transitioned to a virtual setting, thanks to the help of its generous donors who financed the move. 

Aside from its awe-inspiring vision and adaptability, REAP Inc. has dedicated itself to bridging the gaps within the community by providing its services to underprivileged youth. To accomplish this, it focuses on helping students who come from non-English speaking and economically disadvantaged families.

The organization has several programs, such as the YEP or Young Entrepreneurs Program, available for students between grades 6-12. It helps participants develop baseline skills in pursuing business ventures, strengthen public speaking skills, and foster networking skills to build relationships with community members, mentors, and prospective business investors. Ultimately, YEP teaches students to unleash their innovation skills and explore ways to build their wealth and become self-sufficient.

On top of that, the holistic organization has a Mindful Moments curriculum which allows participants to engage in exercises that promote quick problem-solving skills and reinforce de-escalation techniques. In doing so, the youth will learn to approach issues in a composed, calm manner and be more open to resolution. 

Of course, REAP Inc. recognizes that it is only supplementary to a child’s education. As such, it has also developed the Reflections program, which focuses on keeping students caught up on their school work, supporting them in addressing behavioral issues, and promoting a student’s right to equal access to education. 

The outstanding institution continues to build more innovative courses and programs. Additionally, REAP Inc. hopes to expand its horizons and open up locations in new districts and states. Moreover, the enterprise aims to meet with more NGOs, businesses, or individuals who share the same passion for helping underprivileged youth get their well-deserved chance at prosperity. It remains steadfast in its commitment to creating a world-class eLearning system and after-school activities for its students. 

Most importantly, its founders are determined to keep the 21-year-old organization going and help more youth maximize their potential and become confident and capable leaders that will accomplish unrivaled success.

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