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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Priam Digital Paves the Way for Artists and Musicians, Allowing Them to Make a Lasting Impact

At the heart of a successful music career lies the recognition that distribution and exposure both play a significant role in a highly cut-throat industry. Anyone who dreams of making it to the top must understand that sustaining a competitive edge requires more than having the necessary talents and skills. Emerging music powerhouse Priam Digital believes that distribution and production are all about making waves in a sea of releases. For this reason, it strives to look beyond having its artists’ music available for consumption and dive deep into the field of making a lasting impact on listeners worldwide. 

On a mission to help aspirants and dreamers dominate the industry, Priam Digital makes it a point to cover not only the area of availability but also the aspect of enabling musicians to take center stage and establish themselves in the music scene. Heavily determined to facilitate success for others, the company is not afraid of going the extra mile to cater to its artists’ needs and add value to their respective careers. 

Priam Digital has gained recognition for being a new digital media music entertainment company geared towards distributing, promoting, and labeling services in the ever-dynamic industry. It was built on the premise that a lot of aspiring musicians do not always get the acclaim and exposure they deserve. Thus, it addressed itself to the challenge of providing services that would catapult independent artists and labels to the forefront of the industry. 

At its core, Priam Digital seeks to help those who are looking for a platform that would help them share their music with the world. Since its inception, the company has been unstoppable at bringing innovative solutions, introducing unique opportunities to new markets, and promoting new standards by offering well-compensated deals that favor the artists. In this way, it can give all artists equal opportunities and tools to produce, release, and monetize their creations.

Widely acknowledged for its unwavering commitment, Priam Digital has always been dedicated to giving its clients fast and reliable support and to fully grasping their distribution needs. Moreover, the company has also taken strategic actions to optimize and maximize its artists’ income generation. 

“We work closely with our clients and have their problems solved quickly compared to our competitors. We also offer our clients advances to promote and fund their projects which no distributor does. This way, they get label funding while having full control of their catalog,” one of Priam Digital’s representatives shared. “We offer the most opportunities not locked behind a paywall, for example, YouTube Content ID. Artists can choose to get 100% of their royalties for a yearly fee that offers unlimited distribution. We see ourselves more as a partner, rather than a traditional business-client approach.”  

Priam Digital is known to have extensive experience in working with numerous digital distributors. However, the slow progress and tedious process gave them profound frustration. This eventually led the company’s team of highly dedicated professionals to make and reinvent a better service that bears the artists in mind.

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