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Perfect Equity Helping Businesses Get Ready for the Perfect Exit

Most entrepreneurs fail to realize one crucial point—that the business they own today won’t be the focus of their  whole life. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing all the time. Sometimes, business owners move on for the right reasons, and in most cases, this involves selling the business to experience greater freedom and/or to move on to the next venture.  Helping entrepreneurs in that critical move to the next stage of their journey is a company called Perfect Equity.

Perfect Equity is a consulting finance and investment firm that helps entrepreneurs set up their businesses for the ideal exit. The company’s roster of experts comprises CEOs, investors, executives, and business development experts who have spent years perfecting the art of starting, funding, building, and selling companies at all levels. The firm masterfully positions a business for the ultimate exit to maximize profit and regardless of the development stage, a business might be in. 

In this fast-paced age of business and commerce, some entrepreneurs realize that their true strength lies in starting ventures but not necessarily in scaling them for the long term. These kinds of early-stage starters have grown a strong affinity towards creating plans and business ideas that disrupt markets and when the right conditions exist, moving on to the next million-dollar idea. Perfect Equity understands that there is an important place in the business sector for entrepreneurs like this. In fact, those same business visionaries help the economy thrive and evolve. It’s also these exact kinds of entrepreneurs that the firm is eager to support. 

The majority of Perfect Equity’s clients are companies with an annual revenue of between $5 million and $50 million. The CEOs, founders, and owners they work with are often highly driven and need support in determining key areas crucial to business success and sales. At this business sale and acquisition firm, one fundamental and enduring belief is that effective business relies upon making the right decisions at the right times. In other words, timing is everything when preparing a company for a perfect exit. As a result of their experiences, the Perfect Equity team also understands the process to build an optimally valued business and well before the time it’s ready to be auctioned off to the next set of owners.

Perfect Equity’s services include determining and defining company structure, consideration of restructuring for potential scale-ups, financing, and creating business liquidity to attract investors and acquirers. Most players in the same industry as this rising firm are run mainly by bankers and lawyers. Perfect Equity’s team is different in that it is primarily comprised of entrepreneurs, who understand the challenges, hopes, and dreams of a rising business owner who wants to cash in big on his or her business ideas. They’re also highly experienced in selling businesses, making it easier to spot potential roadblocks and costly errors that many entrepreneurs make when selling their businesses.

Seeing an important gap in the market, the founders at Perfect Equity realized it was a perfect time for these entrepreneurs to receive the necessary support while navigating the pros and cons of selling, helping with structure and restructure, preparing the required legal documents, valuing the business, and preparing owners for all of the various audits and tax scenarios. 

Ultimately, the firm hopes to assist entrepreneurs in moving to the next stage of their business journey by acquiring the financial leverage needed to build new ventures, achieve the lifestyle of their dreams, and to create more meaning and value with their precious time. 

Learn more about Perfect Equity by visiting their website.

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