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Of Fork, Food & Future: Orderific’s AI Transform Eats & Feasts, Here’s How

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In the ever-evolving food industry, flavors dance, and aromas weave tales. This very industry is far more than just dining in or ordering a meal; it’s an innovative symphony, a now tech-infused revolution that transforms how we savor food.

At the heartbeat of this culinary metamorphosis is Generative AI (GAI), a technology powerhouse fueled by machine learning. GAI isn’t just your run-of-the-mill tech jargon; it’s the secret sauce of success behind a culinary renaissance as the future gets rewritten. A future where automation isn’t a luxury but a necessity. It is the era of insights-driven insights while the food industry gets hungry and demands more. And at the edge of this trajectory is Orderific, revolutionizing how we eat, order, sleep, and repeat! 

We take a look at how transformative Orderific’s GAI approach is and how it can help businesses sustain and succeed. Read more below.

What is GAI in the Food Industry?

GAI in the food industry refers to Generative Artificial Intelligence that can develop new content like images, text, or designs using data patterns. GAI has been identified as a technology that could contribute between $2 billion and $5 billion annually to the food sector by 2030.

Global leaders such as WPP, the world’s biggest advertising agency, are working with consumer goods companies, including Nestle and Oreo-maker Mondelez, to use generative AI for their upcoming campaigns. Whereas Unilever, home to 400+ global brands, is creating its own GAI model. 

So, like a wise shaman’s recipe, GAI is transforming the food industry, making it simpler and more efficient for businesses of all sizes. GAI is helping food businesses thrive in the evolving landscape, from automating tasks to optimizing processes.

Think of Generative AI as the Gordon Ramsay of tech. It’s not just raging and trending on the internet; it’s creating experiences and growth. 

In the food scene, Orderific’s AI tech whiz is doing it all at-a-go:

1. Menu Magic

Imagine a menu that’s not just a list but a creative masterpiece. Orderific’s generative AI helps businesses develop menu items based on diets, flavors, preferences, etc. Only so your patrons never stop at a single visit, order, or delivery. It’s recurring and for all the right reasons. 

2. Supply Chain Sorcery

Imagine owning a Jedi-like power to optimize supplies, predict demands, and see the future of food trends. That means less waste and more deliciousness on your plate, social media, and offers.

3. Quality Check Guru

No more surprises in your snacks. Every time you place an order, review the math on the plate. Count your calories, protein, fiber, and carbs intake with every bite. So eating food is about savoring, not just consuming. Also, this helps restaurant owners spot and boot out anything sketchy from the food you don’t prefer.

4. Personal Chef Vibes 

Ever feel like your favorite food joint just gets you, like your best friend would do? That’s Orderific personalizing your food experience with AI, making you feel like food royalty with every single order. Speak of customized experiences every-single-time!

5. Booming Online Visibility

Many brands, even at the top of their food game, need an online presence and overall visibility. Orderific helps such brands become relevant and expand their business outreach by helping them create a website(s) that requires no coding, generate social media content across multiple platforms, set up events, offers, shows, discounts, and codes just at the ease of some clicks.

Shaking Up the Food World: The GAI Effect

But you may ask, what’s the big deal with AI? 

Everyone uses it. What’s new that Orderific has to offer? 

Well, it’s not just making things fancier; it’s simplifying the whole game. 

From the big chains to a local taco truck, everyone’s getting in on it. Imagine no more head-scratching over menus or stressing about running out of your favorites. No more struggling with short-staff or no more worries of supply-chain getting compromised. No fuss about delayed payments (24-hour payment settlement guaranteed), and most importantly, no more getting looted by third-party agents. 

Now, let’s talk cash – the food industry is minting money unlike ever before.

We’re talking about billions! 

The food market worldwide is projected to grow by 6.74% between 2023 and 2028, resulting in a market volume of US$12.97tn in 2028, reaching USD 3920145.9 million by 2028, and this is just out and alone for tech and tacos, putting the processed food market aside.

In short, tech is where all the growth is! 

And Orderific is right at the heart of it. The food tech industry is one of the leading VC investment segments, attracting nearly $30 billion of funding in 2022, and AI’s getting a tasty slice of that pie.

Orderific: Your Go-To Guy in the AI Game

Orderific is like chicken soup for food businesses with a dash of Generative AI. But here’s the cool part – it’s not just for the big dogs. It is also for the next-door Bill’s Taco Truck, Jenny’s home-brewed coffee stall, Max’s mouthful donut hut, and other small and medium-scale food brands. 

Orderific is about simplifying things, making GAI accessible for every food joint, whether a five-star restaurant or a local burger joint. Its AI isn’t just chilling in the tech world; it’s in the trenches with businesses, making their lives easier. 

From whipping up genius menus to ensuring your fave pizza joint never runs out of pepperoni, Orderific’s got it covered. It’s personalizing your food experience, so you feel like you’re getting the VIP treatment, even if you’re just ordering takeout in your PJs.

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