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NYC-based Photographer Mario Amean Also Pursues Dream to be a Doctor

Photography is important because it allows us to capture moments in time and preserve them, enabling us to view the world from many viewpoints. You might marvel at the many different circumstances and events that photography has managed to capture in a single, still frame. The power of photography allows people to share significant experiences with others through still shots and helps spread information about things as they are. Mario Amean is a professional photographer who is keeping the craft alive in NYC.

To say that photography is Mario’s passion is a grand understatement. He has been working as a photographer since he was ten years old, helping his father with their multiple studios across Egypt for professional photography work. His father is, in fact, a photographer, and Mario and his three brothers have also embarked on the same path. Apart from being an excellent shutterbug, Mario has also developed his skills in post-process editing using Photoshop to accommodate the needs of every client.

Now in New York City, Mario is juggling his love for photography with another passion: his dream to become a doctor. Both are fueled by his desire to help people in two different ways. Additionally, both passions seem to meet at a crossover point since Mario earned the nickname “Doctor Mario” because of his desire to set his own path on a medical career and his phenomenal photo editing skills. Many people have praised him for his amazing shots, which he posts on Instagram for his 2.4 million followers. 

“I make sure that I always do my best to provide my clients with the best quality of work. I am a well-known photographer in NYC because of the professional photos that I take. To be a good photographer, you need a lot of experience and the skills that are necessary to take good photos. I have all the experience to provide my clients with highly professional photography work,” he said.

At present, one of the ways he shares his knowledge and expertise on his craft with those who want to learn it and become a professional like him is by holding photography classes. On top of that, driven by their love of photography and their eagerness to make it an enjoyable experience for them and their clients, Mario and his younger brothers, Edwar and Mody Amean, have created their own app called Klik Photography.

“We decided to create this app to let our clients have an easy, great, and fun experience when they book us for their photo shoot,” he said. What motivates him to advance the art is the good work and feedback he gets from his clients.

With NYC as his turf and with his boundless talents and skills, Mario Amean’s future is indeed looking bright. As he starts his career as a doctor while continuing to pursue photography and photo editing on the side, Mario is on his way to making the world a better place in his own way. While juggling med school and his craft is far from easy, what keeps him going is his family and his love for the things he does best.

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