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New Year’s Resolution Fails No More: Jet Fuel Meals Makes Healthy Eating a Breeze

Eating healthier is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. But such resolutions are genuinely easier said than done, especially for people on the go that may value convenience over nutrition on some days, thus violating the promise they’ve made at the beginning of the year.

Seeing how many people struggle to plan, shop, and cook meals amid their busy lifestyles, Jet Fuel Meals stepped in with a solution—delivering healthy meals, juices, and delicious protein bites straight to their clients’ doorsteps, taking away the responsibility of preparing healthy meals off their shoulders. What’s left is more time to focus on other things, like exercise and time with family, without compromising the value of healthy and delicious meals.

Jet Fuel Meals offers customized healthy meal plans that fit each client’s specific diet and lifestyle needs. So whether they are looking to lose weight, gain weight, or do a cleanse by eating healthier, the company ensures that each meal and ingredient serves the exact purpose. Jet Fuel Meals are made from fresh and high-quality ingredients sourced from local purveyors to ensure that each meal is fresh, organic, and natural. 

“Eating Healthy Has Never Been So Easy! Fuel Right, Feel Right!”—this is the motto that keeps Jet Fuel Meals driven to achieve their goal. The company delivers food to clients across South, Central, and West Florida three times every week. On top of natural and quality ingredients, the company ensures that the food arrives in the best state through their insulated cooler bags with ice packs to maintain freshness. Jet Fuel Meals are never frozen. Hence, the food retains its flavors better and only requires the clients to heat them up before serving.

“Say goodbye to your old restricting diets and unhealthy decisions, and let us help you conquer your healthy goals. We are here to ensure that you have a highly nutritious food option that is closely catered to your preferences. We do all the planning, shopping, and cooking so that you don’t have to,” shared Robert Del Castillo, founder and CEO of Jet Fuel Meals.

Asked what motivated him to start Jet Fuel Meals, Robert shared that he had a hard time looking for healthy options that would suit his training and lifestyle as an athlete. The CEO came from a long line of doctors and studied to become a dentist himself. He knows how crucial healthy meals are, especially for people with active lifestyles. He founded Jet Fuel meals to create optimal meal plans and efficient delivery services for people with the same struggles and to aid them in their journey to a healthier life.

Shortly after building Jet Fuel Meals, the CEO met Vojkan Dimitrijevic, his business partner who has made great strides in the meal delivery industry. On a mission to position Jet Fuel Meals as the leading fresh meal delivery company in Florida, Robert and Vojkan partnered to come up with an innovative approach to both health and logistics. Because of the partnership, Jet Fuel Meals is now rated #1 on Google as Florida’s best meal prep service.

At the end of the day, eating healthy should not just be a new year’s resolution but a lifestyle everyone should live by. With Jet Fuel Meals, building such a lifestyle becomes much more tangible. 

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