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Navigating the Ad Tech Revolution: Insights from Truvid’s Head of Media, Aviv Seri

Navigating the Ad Tech Revolution: Insights from Truvid's Head of Media, Aviv Seri
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In today’s digital age, where every click, scroll, and tap leaves behind a data trail, the advertising landscape has undergone a major transformation. At the heart of this revolution lies the intricate and dynamic world of ad tech – an industry that has redefined how businesses connect with their target audiences. As we stand at the crossroads of creativity, technology, and consumer behavior, understanding the nuances of the ad tech industry has never been more crucial.

The ad tech industry has become fundamental in digital marketing strategies. It encompasses a vast ecosystem of platforms, software, and tools designed to optimize and streamline the entire advertising process, from ad creation and placement to performance tracking and analysis.  From the early days of static banner ads to today’s hyper-targeted video-based programmatic campaigns, ad tech has continuously pushed the boundaries of what’s possible.

We had a chance to interview Truvid’s leadership team, a leading Video Adtech platform, that enables publishers and content creators to effectively work together to deliver superior video experiences. 

In today’s interview, we talked to Aviv Seri, Head of Media at Truvid.

Can you describe what Truvid’s main mission is?

Truvid’s video platform enables publishers to consume, deliver, and monetize quality video experiences.

Truvid’s technology solution delivers “unmatched video experiences.” Could you elaborate on the ways you and your team ensure Publishers are shaping these exceptional experiences for end-users?

It’s all about relevant content, the user’s eyes are already automatically drawn to video on a site, and we specialize in video – the hard part is to maintain their attention.

The key to delivering the best possible video experiences is relevant content for the user so that they are genuinely interested in the video content presented and as a result remain longer on the site.

Could you share an example of a challenging situation your team has faced while driving the growth of Truvid and how you overcame it?

 As publishers know, the digital landscape is constantly evolving, and this includes regulations around user data privacy. We faced a significant challenge when new privacy regulations were introduced that impacted how we could collect, use, and share user data to optimize video experiences and monetization.

To overcome this challenge, we collaborated with publishers to understand their concerns and to develop tailored solutions that met their needs while respecting privacy regulations.

 By enhancing our data privacy practices and deepening our collaboration with publishers, we achieved compliance and also strengthened the trust between Truvid and our valued partners.

Another challenge is the shift in preferred content consumption. Our platform was designed to offer quality video experiences, but we noticed a growing trend towards shorter-form content and mobile consumption.

To address this, we undertook a content partnership strategy revamp. We strategically chose our content creation partners to develop shorter, engaging video formats that were tailored for mobile consumption and suited short form video formats.

In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, how do you balance staying ahead of the curve with maintaining a consistently good user experience? 

The synergy between publishers, content creators, and Truvid is at the core of delivering exceptional video experiences. Publishers bring a deep understanding of their audience’s preferences and content needs. 

Truvid acts as the vital bridge that connects these publishers to content creators. Our platform empowers publishers to seamlessly consume, manage, and distribute high-quality video content and choose from our wide variety of content options.

Looking ahead, what trends do you foresee shaping the video short-for landscape, and how do you think Truvid will adapt to this evolving landscape?

Personalization is a significant trend that’s expected to shape the future of video content consumption. With the high volume of content available, viewers are seeking tailored recommendations that align with their interests and preferences. Perhaps, Truvid will adapt using AI to customize content and video experiences to specific audiences. 

Adtech is a volatile space. Can you discuss a time when your team needed to pivot or innovate to address changing user needs or industry demands?

A notable challenge we encountered was ad fatigue – viewers becoming overwhelmed or frustrated by excessive advertising. With this in mind, we shifted Truvid’s emphasis onto content partnerships that would enhance a user’s experience. Recognizing the crucial role that content plays in shaping viewer engagement, we have strategically forged alliances with both publishers and content creators to curate a dynamic and diverse video ecosystem.

By fostering strong relationships with publishers, we gain insights into their audience’s preferences, content gaps, and emerging trends. This, in turn, informs our engagement with content creators, enabling them to craft videos that are aligned with the desires of the viewers.

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