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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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National Adhesive: Adhesive and Sealant Powerhouse Helping Clients Make the Right Choice

Adhesive, sealants, and tapes have grown in popularity over the years mainly due to the considerable need in numerous industries.

So why do people care so much about adhesives?

Sticky rules in this business. If you don’t have it, You’re out.

National Adhesive saw a void in the market and made its move to become the powerhouse of the industry.

And now?

Welcome to the stickiest company this side of a syrup factory.

Resolving a Sticky Situation

What’s the biggest issue most people have when deciding on sealants and adhesives?

Removing the confusion.

Consumers have hundreds of adhesives, sealants, and tapes to choose from, it’s no wonder the wrong choices are made. To remove the guesswork when choosing the right product means providing clients with adequate information to make the right decision.

To this end, National Adhesive aims to provide clients with enough information, explanation, and guidance so they can accomplish their ultimate goals through the power of adhesives and sealants.

But they’ve gone beyond that.

National Adhesive developed a platform where clients can get dependable guides and understand the requirements of their projects and the products to suit their expertise level.

One solution, one time for every job. 

The Best Versus the Rest

Construction, tradespeople, DIY-ers, and all types of crafters all hungered for the right sticky products made with them in mind.

The news was all good. National Adhesive was established out of the strategic decision to help get the job done right, the first time.

So what’s on offer?

GlueAngel is the DIY-ers’ choice, and its younger sister, GlueAngel Delicate Touch, is designed with arts and crafts warriors in mind.

Contractors reveled in the newly introduced THICC brand sealants, tapes, and adhesives designed with the contractor and serious DIY-er in us all.

The perfect solution for sealing seams, decks, roofs, windows, and doors against extreme weather conditions; this is your product. It’s easy to use, strong, and makes it an all-time favorite. This, of course, sealed (yes, we mean it) its reputation for sticking stronger than a dog to a pork chop at a cookout.

Let’s not forget the economy-sized brand called Eish! Eish! is made from the same high-quality material and promises excellent delivery at a more affordable price.

To Know Them Is to Love Them

National Adhesive’s extensive customer base knows this is not puppy love. This is a full-on adult relationship built on trust, reliability, and an understanding that each has the other’s back.

So what does National Adhesive themselves say is the foundation of how they think about their place in the adhesive world?

“Everything we do revolves around that one statement and questions we ask. How do we make it easier for our customers and easier to provide that level and service to our customers?”

“We are not an adhesive company; we are a marketing and customer focus company providing a solution to consumers in the adhesive and sealant market,” the company shared in a statement.

Pretty insightful words from a company clearly comfortable with its role in the sticky market.Want to learn more? Head to the website to experience their interactive customer platform and learn a bit more about how this company came to be the most respected and well-regarded face of this industry.

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