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Mr Wish: The No. 1 Fresh Fruit Tea Beverage Brand in Taiwan


Mr. Wish is the no.1 fresh fruit tea beverage brand in Taiwan, which is appreciated by over 100 million consumers and has received much support from the market. Also from media and government authorities alike.


Recently, Mr. Wish is also eyeing expanding its overseas markets to lift its revenue margin amid stiff competition at home with imported goods and a rising trend for healthier lifestyles among young people.

Now let’s look closely at what the brand has achieved and what it expects in the future.


Mr. Wish began its operation with a simple concept of “Fresh Tea,

Fresh Fruit” in 2005 and has maintained. Its leading position has been collaborating with fresh market operators to source ingredients directly from farmers, such as strawberries, kiwifruit, lychee and so on, instead of buying them through usual channels.


In addition to its high-quality ingredients, Mr. Wish provides the highest quality service. He has focused on offering a wide range of products to meet consumers’ desires in daily life, including drinks, cakes and restaurants.


The brand has launched its own packaged coffee, Pomegranate Tea Latte. Cherry Green tea 


Tea Latte and various new products to meet young people’s needs.

To improve financial performance and expand overseas market share. The brand will apply for a product distribution network license after creating a chain of production bases in Taiwan.


The brand is expected to introduce fresh fruits and natural juices to meet consumers’ demands. For health and wellness in the future while keeping its good quality.


Wish is also moving forward with its Internet marketing platform to build many fans; Mr. 


Wish has started promoting the “Mr. Wish as your friend” campaign on Facebook and other 

Internet platforms. Aiming to provide more instructions on daily life products and personalized service within a short period through social media marketing. Millennial consumers, more than ever, pay attention to their health.


Taiwan-based Mr. Wish is a high-quality fruit tea brand that has been drawing great support from young consumers in the country.


On the one hand, Mr. Wish’s fresh fruit tea is sold at outlets and delivered directly to consumers’ doorsteps.

On the other hand, the brand offers a wide range of products for daily use.


The price ranges are reasonable, and the quality is high, so consumers can feel confident about buying them.


After consuming Mr. Wish, consumers have improved their health and live a healthier lifestyle.


In addition, Mr. Wish’s products are sold at reasonable prices, so consumers can afford to buy them and feel good.


Also, many people are satisfied with the service after purchasing Mr. Wish’s products.


For example, when buying a high-quality fruit beverage at Mr. Wish’s outlets, consumers meet the operators directly. They can also provide fresh fruits and natural juices to people at their homes through an instant delivery service.


It is estimated that Mr. Wish provides more than 400 million product units each year.

In addition, the brand has maintained its leading position by achieving a high brand loyalty rate among young consumers.


By 2015, it is estimated that 98% of those aged 18 to 34 had consumed Mr. Wish’s products at least once. Also, 68% are likely to continue to purchase the brand.


Consumers can not only find various fresh fruit tea products at Mr. Wish outlets. But also can have a delicious meal at its restaurants.


Consumers can enjoy fresh food and drinks with friends in a relaxing environment at restaurants. Especially for young people who live alone and depend on their income to support themselves. Mr. Wish can give them more opportunities to enjoy nutritious meals at reasonable prices.


As a result of this move, it is expected that the brand will get more and more support from millennial consumers. Who are health-conscious shortly.

At the same time, the brand is also looking forward to expanding its overseas markets. To lift its revenue margin amid stiff competition at home with imported goods. Also, the rising trend for healthier lifestyles among young people.


In such a competitive market, brands must continuously move forward with their products, services and business models to maintain consumers’ trust.


It is expect that Mr. Wish will continue to be a high-quality brand with good ingredients, reasonable prices and excellent service.


As the only brand that has produced high-quality coffee, Mr. Wish remains one of the largest beverage brands in Taiwan, with growth potential in its overseas markets.

Mr. Wish is confident that it will achieve impressive results in 2017 through cooperation with fresh market operators. To source high-quality fruits and establish production bases on an industrial scale in Taiwan.


In addition, the brand will enhance its partnership with digital platforms. Such as Facebook and Weibo reach out to millennials through high-quality social marketing methods.

Beating competitors one step at a time. The brand will continue to move forward with its strategy of offering quality products and high service at reasonable prices. To continue being a leading food brand in Taiwan.


This year, many young people in Taiwan are set on having a healthier lifestyle. Also, getting more fit by enjoying delicious meals at moderate prices.

Mr. Wish continues to offer great products and high service to meet these consumers’ needs.


It is expect that the brand will achieve high success in 2017 through cooperation with estate agencies and instant delivery service operators, as it will achieve excellent results in 2016.


A well-round beverage brand with great potential in its overseas markets, Mr. Wish is expect to target millennial consumers who are health-conscious and young consumers who enjoy eating delicious meals at moderate prices.


In addition, the brand will focus on various digital platforms to cater to consumers’ increasing needs by offering more personalized service through Internet and social marketing methods in 2017.


These days, consumers are looking for convenience and quality products at affordable prices.


Mr. Wish has constantly been winning support from young people with its fresh fruit tea products, which are well-receive among consumers with their reasonable prices and good quality.


In the future, Mr. Wish will continue to provide more quality products and high service and increase its revenue and profit margin through manufacturing and sales. The brand will also focus on expanding overseas markets, including developing new products.


Mr. Wish has excellent potential for growth in overseas markets, a hotbed for healthy lifestyle movements associated with young people’s demands.

To meet the needs of this market, Mr. Wish will expand its product line and enhance its service and business model to set itself apart from its competitors.

Conclusion: “Together, we all can make a wish to eat fresh and healthy. That way, we will surpass our expectations and live healthier lives.


Brand Description:

Fresh market brand with natural ingredients of tea, fruits and juices that are sustainably produce on a large scale at an affordable price. The brand is well-accept among millennial consumers who are health-conscious.


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