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Michelle Li’s Clever Carbon Approach Presents a Unique Perspective on Climate Change

Michelle Li's Clever Carbon Approach Presents a Unique Perspective on Climate Change
Photo Credit: Clever Carbon

Climate change is a significant threat to international peace and security and the sustainability of living beings. While the reasons behind climate change have been identified and discussed in length, the popular solutions to reduce the use and reliance on fossil fuels and carbon footprints still need to be addressed. 

This is where Climate Champion Michelle Li is embracing the spotlight to introduce a new perspective on reducing your carbon footprint. Michelle is a climate advocate, public speaker, and founder of Clever Carbon. This simple yet revolutionary platform helps everyday people learn about their carbon footprint and includes a corporate workplace program that educates and transforms individuals into savvy consumers and stewards of the environment.

Michelle’s voice has resonated beyond the confines of conventional environmental discourse. She recently took the stage at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP28 to bring more awareness to tackling climate challenges head-on. The COP28 summit took place in Dubai and was the biggest of its kind, with some 85,000 participants. Clever Carbon forms the core of her message, shedding light on the different aspects of everyday life that directly or indirectly contribute to climate change. 

Presenting a sharp contradiction to the prevailing belief that electrification and electric vehicles (EVs) are the silver bullets in our battle against climate change, Michelle stands out for her unique perspective on this global issue. She acknowledges the sustainability of renewable energy but points out a less-discussed issue: the environmental toll of overhauling our energy infrastructure. Producing solar panels and wind turbines demands vast amounts of minerals and precious metals, leaving a significant mark on our planet. 

According to Michelle, renewable energy, while crucial, has ecological challenges. The expansive space required for harnessing energy can threaten terrestrial and ocean biodiversity. She does not advocate abandoning electrification; instead, she believes in a balanced approach that embraces sustainable energy and addresses our immediate environmental impact. 

Diving into the heart of the matter, Michelle emphasizes the importance of individual action, starting with an understanding of our personal actions. On the subject of energy, household energy consumption is a great place to start. Whether powered by fossil fuels or renewable energy, reducing energy consumption and energy waste is a starting point Michelle highly recommends. Simple actions like turning off appliances when not in use, adjusting thermostat settings, adopting energy-efficient cooking techniques, and even knowing how much energy you’re consuming each month can contribute significantly to this cause. 

The journey toward a sustainable future extends beyond electricity. Water and waste footprints are integral pieces of this puzzle. Michelle encourages a holistic approach to reduce the impact, ranging from energy and electricity to water and waste. Every aspect of our daily lives contributes to the larger environmental narrative, and the change should start there. 

Michelle dispels the myth that purchasing so-called “energy-saving” or “planet-friendly” products is the ultimate act of sustainability. She contends there may be more eco-friendly choices than replacing relatively new items, such as cars or hair dryers. The carbon footprint of manufacturing new products is often high, so using existing items effectively is wiser. Michelle suggests considering thrift or second-hand options, a more sustainable choice in reducing our impact on the planet rather than buying the latest model. 

Michelle Li currently resides in Toronto, Canada, where she was born and raised. She aspires to continue her journey to drive impactful change for the planet’s sustainability in her hometown and abroad. From Toronto to San Francisco to London, Michelle’s travels have continued to fuel her determination and belief that significant shifts in climate change can be initiated at every level of society in a call to climate action to combat the effects of global warming.


Published By: Aize Perez

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