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Menifield and Associates LLC: Home of Professional Development and Effective Leadership Training

Leadership often sounds good when listening to motivational speakers expound on its tenets, basic principles, and opportunities for growth. Unknown to many aspiring leaders, however, is the reality of being able to supervise people, operations, and processes alongside applying leadership principles and ideas. Trainer and leadership expert Angela Hooper-Menifield is training today’s most proficient leaders and supervisors through pragmatic lessons that combine principles with an applied application through her company, Menifield and Associates LLC, the home of professional development. 

Angela Hooper-Menifield is the Chief Equipping Officer (CEO) of Menifield and Associates, which is committed to building and equipping supervisors and teams through coaching, training, keynote speaking, and behavioral assessments. She spent more than 28 years as a senior leader in the Federal Government, expanding her understanding and view of creative and positive workspaces that are conducive for productivity. Seeing a pressing need in many industries today, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and help supervisors become more effective in the workplace. 

She is an Independent Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team and also serves as one of its faculty members. Angela is also an adjunct instructor at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, New York. Moreover, she is a Launch Director with Business Network International (BNI) New Jersey and a member of the BNI USA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee. 

To better equip her clients, Angela and her Menifield and Associates team, combine knowledge of rules and regulations with emotional intelligence and performance management in order to empower managers and supervisors to effectively navigate promoting people with potential from within the organization. The process also involves preparing employees to take on greater responsibilities, which often include supervising people they consider as peers. 

Angela Hooper-Menifield had a profound and pragmatic motivation for developing Menifield and Associates. Her perspective has always been to ensure that individuals get the right grasp of leadership and what it necessitates. 

“The Professional Development space is saturated with leadership mantras, almost at the cost of failing to remind leaders that supervision is equally, if not as, important. If one leads when they should supervise or supervises in situations when leading is required, they fail and end up in a situation I refer to as ‘leadership regret.’ I felt it was necessary to amplify and reward the skill of supervision and return it to its proper place,” Angela Hooper-Menifield shared. 

The next couple of years are looking very exciting for Menifield and Associates as Angela makes it her personal goal to reignite a supervisory fire in the hearts of organizations globally through her company’s books, training, and speaking engagements. Angela and her team are determined to empower leaders and managers by giving them the right tools in order to effectively lead and supervise their ranks and businesses. She intends to inspire her clients to become the best version of themselves, so they can impact their respective organizations intentionally and positively. In doing this, they can transform their workplaces into spaces of productivity and excellence. 

With the right amount of coaching and training through Menifield and Associates, Angela hopes to see more supervisors embrace the possibility of leading with greater responsibilities. Through her training, she hopes to see fewer leaders go through what she calls leadership regret. By equipping them, she aspires to see more leaders enjoy their careers as they lead and supervise with joy and high morale. 

Learn more about Menifield and Associates LLC by visiting its website. Follow its Facebook account for updates on its latest programs and projects. 

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