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McMurray Stern is Helping Companies Make The Switch To Automation

Written by: Tedfuel

For more than 40 years, McMurray Stern has committed to assisting organizations in a multitude of industries to maximize space and save time by creating solutions for an improved workflow. As leading innovators in the storage industry, McMurray Stern has created dozens of automated solutions to help in the planning, design, and implementation of storage solutions in a plethora of industries across the United States.

“We listened to our clients and anticipated an evolution to automated storage solutions. Our capabilities and services expanded to get the companies we serve ready for the future. We are proud to call ourselves an industry leader in automated storage solutions”, says the McMurray Stern website.

McMurray Stern’s integrated design process ensures that projects are managed from start to finish, guaranteeing that clients are left with an improved workflow and increased efficiency in managing time, space, information, and materials.

From grocery stores to military facilities, McMurray Stern works with a variety of industries to ensure a more productive workflow. No project is too big or too unique for McMurray Stern to tackle, leaving every client with an individualized solution to their company’s needs and concerns.

The future of storage is vertical. Automated storage and retrieval solutions allow businesses to utilize the height of their spaces, creating a higher storage density. According to the McMurray Stern blog, vertical storage solutions are essential because they “can double or triple the amount of storage space available without moving locations or changing your current layout”. With the help of verticle life modules (VLMs) and lift & runs, businesses do not even need to lift a finger to retrieve items from their vertical storage solutions, taking businesses to new heights while also improving accuracy and speed.

While many companies are looking to automate their warehouses, it takes a lot of planning to make it possible. McMurray Stern is there for companies looking to make the switch, and helps businesses evaluate the four main factors that go into an automated warehouse: space, accuracy, labor, and throughput. McMurray Stern ensures that it will help companies find the best solutions for the space available, all while improving business.

There are many hidden advantages for choosing to go automated. For one, automated warehouses create better living conditions for employees. The digital transformation almost eliminates any danger that comes with a warehouse job like lifting heavy machinery or handling dangerous chemicals. Not only that, but businesses are able to keep up with the increase in demand that has come as an effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. Automated warehouses allow for companies to create a faster, more accurate way to handle customer demands.

Companies are greatly benefiting from the innovation at McMurray Stern. While it can seem intimidating to get started, McMurray Stern offers free consultations to help businesses begin their automated storage solution journey. By choosing from a 15-minute, 30-minute, or 1-hour consultation, McMurray Stern will help map out the next necessary steps in order to maximize the potential of a company. In the consultation, clients meet with Pat Fitzpatrick, vice president of sales and marketing at McMurray Stern and manufacturing expert.

McMurrary Stern is moving companies into the 21st century with their innovative storage solutions. Tackling modern problems like supply chain issues, post Covid-19 demand, and labor shortages, McMurray Stern is helping companies keep up with the speed and demand of the digital age.

For more information or to read McMurray Stern’s blog, visit https://mcmurraystern.com

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