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Mark Minard Explains How His Passion for Helping Others Turned Into a Successful Business

When Mark Minard was just seventeen years old, he was arrested and put in jail. Although not proud of that short jail stint, he knows that being in that position made him realize that he could and should do better, so he credits that experience to help shape his life into what it has since become.

Several years after spending time in jail, he came up with the idea to create Dreamshine with his sister, Amy. The two loved the idea of offering programs that would benefit special needs adults, helping them gain valuable life skills while providing these adults with opportunities to socialize and have fun, entertaining experiences. While some thought they were taking a bit of a risk by starting a business during the recession, Mark was confident that Dreamshine would turn into a success, and he was right.

When asked about the business, which has continued growing over the past 15 years, Mark Minard said, “Helping people has always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. It’s the kind of thing I love to do because I want to help people succeed in life. Knowing that I can assist developmentally disabled adults by providing them with incredible opportunities makes me feel good. It’s even better when you see the smiling faces of your clients and their families because then you know you’re making a difference in so many lives.” 

With a mission to change lives for the better while providing a welcoming and comfortable environment to special needs adults, Mark managed to grow the business, receiving help from his sister. The organization has since added to the long list of services provided, such as healthy living skills, life skills, job training, and more.

“We’ve created a truly client-centered organization while providing custom-tailored services to meet the needs of those who attend our programs each day. People often want to know how we started a business in the recession and had such success with it. We like to let them know that we were able to grow during a difficult economic time because we care about the people we serve and always put them first,” says Mark Minard. “We’ve turned our business into the success that people know it as today through our dedication, passion, and commitment.”

Although handling daily operations for Dreamshine is his top priority, Mark Minard is now offering his valuable business-related advice to thousands of others who could use some helpful tips and suggestions while building their startups. In addition to writing a raw, unfiltered book, 16 Reasons Why Your Business Sucks, he’s also started a podcast, Elevating Beyond, where he looks forward to teaching people how to elevate their lives and improve their situations.

Mark Minard is undoubtedly proof that if you have a passion for doing something, you can turn it into a successful business and career. His quest to help special needs adults has turned into something incredible, with more opportunities for clients to gain dozens of different skills that will make their lives better.

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