Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Marie Hall Serving as a Change Agent to Children in Underserved Communities

Every individual is a product of their experiences and the lives they lead. While some have had the privilege of living a stress-free life, others are denied such privileges; and their lives are riddled with stress, trauma, abuse, and scary experiences. However, regardless of what anyone has been through, these experiences play a huge role in determining the pathway many will embark on, and to a large extent, one’s general outlook on life. For example, Marie Hall may be known today as a motivational speaker, educationist, and life coach. Still, several experiences while growing up shaped her into who she is, which led her to decide to change the trajectory of her life.

Marie Hall is an author, transformational speaker, and the Founder and C.E.O. ofRubyMac Learning Academy and Myrtle Tree Publishing. Marie is a detailed storyteller who, over the years, has mastered the art of stringing words together and uses her skills and talent to inspire others to triumph at all costs over their trials and challenges. Through RubyMac Learning Academy, Marie works with individuals and organizations to amplify and leverage their confidence, knowledge, and skills to impact the world. She is referred to as a ‘Change Agent’ whose goal and ambition is helping people become a better version of themselves who, in turn, create a better world.

Recalling her experiences and how they shaped her into who she is today, Marie said, “I’ve experienced much trauma in my life, from molestation, domestic abuse, low self-esteem, and self-worth, to name a few.” And as an educator and minister who has had the opportunity of meeting people from different walks of life, she knew something had to change. She would go on to discover her real purpose, having spent a sizable amount of her adult life teaching “at-risk” children like herself. She notes that it is heart-wrenching to hear children speak negative words about themselves, especially children in low-income communities. In addition, seeing adults who suffer from their childhood experiences and trauma led Marie to the point where she decided to serve as a stop-gap between people (of all ages) and their scars.

With RubyMac Learning Academy, services ranging from training, tutoring, consultancy, curriculum, and instructional design, speaking engagements, as well as webinars are on offer for anyone who signs up. Consequently, under the direction of RubyMac, the MALI (Math and Literacy) Movement provides free tutoring services to children in underserved communities ensuring they are offered academic support outside of the school day. Armed with over 20 years of educational and business experience, Marie has had the pleasure of working with several non-profit organizations supporting children and adults’ spiritual and personal growth.

Through Myrtle Tree Publishing L.L.C., Marie is the author of motivational, inspirational, and self-help books for children. She has had the privilege to grace the stage as a speaker at the Power-Up and Level-up Summits and other events and has created a personal coaching Signature Program called B.O.S.S. U.P.; (Begin, Ownership of Yourself, Set Goals, Put Systems In Place, Utilize Your Skills, and Promote Yourself). Despite her contribution to her immediate community so far, Marie is far from done as she hopes to establish a state-of-the-art educational facility in five years. This facility, according to Marie, will be used to build capacity within organizations. “Additionally, the facility will house an innovative, world-renowned private school focusing on developing globally-minded children to thrive and impact the world. Moreover, my voice will be a powerful instrument worldwide, educating, empowering, and elevating others through my life’s journey to transform lives.”

Among several other lofty dreams, ahead of November 2021, Marie is set to release an anthology book project, “For Such a Time as This,” for which she is a co-author, and in 2022, she would be releasing her third children’s book.Connect with Marie Hall by following her on Instagram or via her website.

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