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Luis Manta Successfully Formulates a Power Beverage with Only Three Ingredients

Imagine a healthy all-natural beverage that is both refreshing and has the unique ability to keep its consumers hydrated. This is the kind of beverage that college athlete turned entrepreneur Luis Manta offers with his incredible product, Seoul Juice. Made up of only three natural and healthy ingredients with zero preservatives, it has captured the loyalty of multiple consumers, both athletes and non-athletes alike. Aside from being healthy and nourishing, it also has a delicious taste that appeals to so many kinds of consumers. 

Seoul Juice’s main ingredient is the Korean pear, also called the Asian or Nashi Pear, which is best known for its natural ability to replenish electrolytes. Each 16.9 oz bottle of it is composed of 300 mg of potassium that can get people going all day, most especially if they are active individuals. This is approximately the same amount of sugar and potassium that people get from coconut water. Comparatively, it has less sugar compared to apple juice, making it a favorite among moms who want their children to consume healthy beverages only. 

Luis Manta’s search for the perfect healthy drink led him to a path that he did not expect. “I started to look for only natural products as I wanted to put only the best ingredients in my body. This led me to start using coconut water to hydrate, but I absolutely hated the taste and was tired of forcing myself to down the product,” Luis Manta shared.

“I then decided I wanted to create a beverage for athletes that not only helped them perform at their best, but that also tasted amazing. I had the benefit of being able to test out formulations with my teammates and friends in order to come up with the ideal product. And that’s what our customers get to drink today—a great-tasting beverage made of just three natural ingredients,” he added.

Today, Seoul Juice is a sensation, to say the least. Luis Manta and his team are especially happy about their Bay Area retail partners, who have been instrumental in helping them get the product out into the market. The juice is also available at United Markets, Market on Market, and Queens, SF. Starting January 2022, Seoul Juice will also be a regular at all Boba Guy restaurants. San Francisco is also currently a hub for Seoul Juice, with its popularity rising each passing day. Mostly, the products’ expansion pushed through due to the high demand from consumers who believe in its value. 

Interestingly, San Francisco has proven to be a very lucrative area for Seoul Juice. This comes as a welcome development for Luis Manta, whose parents both finished college in the area. It has always been a special place for him to visit, even as a young boy, and seeing how it has embraced his product means a lot to him and his team. Thanks to the ever-supportive locals, Seoul Juice is now the talk of the town. 

The current success of Seoul Juice is only the beginning of what Luis Manta envisions to be a long-term venture that will keep consumers healthy and hydrated. His goal is to introduce the product to as many people as possible across the country. With his incredible team behind him, he is confident that the years ahead of Seoul Juice will remain productive and exciting.

Find out more about Seoul Juice by visiting its website. Follow its Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on its latest projects. 

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