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Lina Mills Marks Milestone with Grand Launching of Creative Ideas Catering Cafe

A new Colombian-Mexican Fusion Cafe, Creative Ideas Cafe, is making its premiere launch this June 2022. This new launch both celebrates the old while welcoming in the new as the business looks to spark a new era for businesses across the local food industry.

The celebration of this new opening will happen in two exciting parts— the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the grand opening celebration. Soft opening happening until 29th of June, starting from eight until two in the afternoon. Following that occasion, the grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony will transpire on the 30th of June from seven until two in the afternoon and one to two afternoon to present the ribbon-cutting . 

The woman behind Creative Ideas Cafe is Lina Mills, a Latin caterer and businesswoman who has become an icon in the local business scene. She is best known as the owner of the famous twenty-five-year-experience and nine year old catering business, Creative Ideas Catering, a business that has already reached significant success. With the launch of her cafe, she and her team have earned high praise and honor. All this Lina has been able to accomplish despite having to unexpectedly deal with a newly bought building during the height of COVID-19 closures. Since then, the resilient CEO has meant to finally open and launch her cafe and catering business. 

The newly launched cafe will present something exciting for all foodies, including the introduction of Cafe de La Olla and their great empanadas. As a special treat, the cafe will be giving twenty walk-ins at the ribbon cutting a generous freebie of two ounces of whole coffee beans. This gift comes in courtesy of Proyecto Diaz and freshly made Paletas by Pepitos Paletas.

“With this opening, we are showcasing a brand-new catering concept that integrates sustainable practices and customer-driven staff to deliver global fusions of Latin flavors,” says the CEO of the Colombian & Mexican cafe. “I also want to ensure a steady supply of fresh, seasonable, local produce and meats, choosing organic whenever possible.” 

Lina Millis is the CEO and Founder of Creative Ideas Catering. SBA has recently awarded her as the Person of the Year despite the various overwhelming challenges brought by the pandemic. In the past, Lina has also been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Small Business Big Impact in 2021 and was honored as Northern California’s 2022 Small Business Person of the Year.

Lina Mill’s secret weapon is someone tucked away in the kitchen of the business, but never from the limelight. The business owner’s better half and head chef, Alvaro Luna, leads the kitchen team. Together the tandem have built Creative Ideas Catering from the ground up and is taking the business to new heights of taste experience and stellar customer service. This extraordinary collaboration gave birth to some of the most unique and one-of-a-kind dishes they offer and stand out from the typical San Francisco Latin cuisine.

Another factor that makes Creative Ideas Catering stand out from competitors is a woman and an immigrant-owned business owns it. For three decades now, Lina has braved all bias and learned to thrive even in unfavorable circumstances. As a result, her business has soared to new heights. The opening of Creative Ideas Cafe hopes to take that success further.

Lina’s expert catering team has extensive experience, a deep commitment and the innovative spirit to create extraordinary results beyond the expected culinary industry standards. They view every event with a client as an exciting collaboration. 

The location of Creative Ideas Cafe is at 58 Leland Ave, San Francisco, CA. 

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