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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Keith J. Cronin and His Company Synctacz Helps Other Companies Scale and Grow

The most constant thing in life is change, and often, even the most seemingly perfect things need some improvement. Keith J. Cronin has been all about improving things, people, and businesses for the better part of his life, and he co-founded Syntacz to focus on small businesses looking to dominate their niches.

For Keith J. Cronin, garnering experience in multiple industries has been his main focus, and his trajectory has gone that way because of his desire to have an impact in the world. He started out as a trained physical therapist (up to doctorate level) before delving into other areas like public speaking, educating on rehab techniques globally, shipping and distribution, marketing for small businesses, and consulting for high-level and enterprise companies.

Keith’s experience over the years has made him traverse multiple industries, making impact and shaping the world. He co-founded Syntacz, a data services and consulting business dedicated to helping all businesses grow. The company has reinvented itself many times without deviating from its real mission of helping small businesses implement the best marketing strategies and scale to profitability. Syntacz has played a huge role in the business world in the past year by helping small businesses reach their target customers and convert them into new opportunities.

Syntacz works with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and agencies looking to solve challenges related to data collection, lead generation, marketing, and sales. Keith J. Cronin‘s leadership has steered the company in the direction of problem-solving, and many businesses have benefited from the solutions the company offers.

“We are problem solvers. Where other businesses may have a service or solution that could help, they commonly fall short of providing end-to-end education on how to maximize the benefits. Syntacz products and services focus on the clients’ needs, and in the long run, set them up for success years down the road,” Keith explained.

With the business world advancing and growing, entrepreneurs and companies are looking for ways to optimize their operations using enterprise solutions to keep up with their respective industry demands. Sadly, many small businesses are unable to acquire those solutions. This has become Syntacz’s entry point, as the company provides solutions that are more mobile, scalable, and capable of helping businesses access new opportunities to grow revenue and customers.The next few years will see Syntacz help thousands of businesses grow and scale, while Keith hopes to keep doing his part to get entrepreneurs to the next level they desire. He has also recently invested in the data startup, Get Direct Data. When he’s not working, he’s spending time at his home in the mountains of Colorado with his wife and daughters. He’s an avid hiker who loves the outdoors.

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