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Katniss Griffiths Joins Janice Delima Tentler of Alegre de Pilipinas as an Exclusive Signature Designer

Katniss Griffiths
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Alegre de Pilipinas, a well-known fashion brand owned by Filipino American CEO Janice Delima Tentler, is set to make waves in the fashion industry with the addition of a new exclusive signature designer, Katniss Griffiths. Hailing from Palm Springs, California, Katniss Griffiths brings her unique creative talent to this Filipino-inspired fashion brand, joining forces with Angelo Estera, another established designer based in Dubai. This dynamic partnership is poised to elevate Alegre de Pilipinas to new heights in the fashion world.

Katniss Griffiths and Janice Tentler’s Shared Vision

Janice Tentler and Katniss Griffiths share a common vision of providing a gateway and platform for Filipino talents on the global stage. Their advocacy aims to bring recognition and international exposure to the talents of the Philippines, ultimately helping Filipino designers and artisans secure jobs and contribute to the country’s economy.

The duo is dedicated to nurturing their designers into worldwide elites, believing that by doing so, they can support their fellow countrymen by encouraging clothing manufacturers in the Philippines to create their designs with the utmost craftsmanship. By giving Filipino talents a platform to showcase their skills and artistry, Janice and Katniss provide them with an opportunity to make a name for themselves on the international scene.

Recognizing the Challenges Faced by Filipino Talents

Janice and Katniss understand the challenges Filipino talents face in terms of recognition and exposure. Many talented individuals remain hidden gems due to a lack of opportunities and resources. Therefore, they are committed to leveraging their expertise and resources to help these talents reach their full potential.

Hollywood Lifestyle and Fashion Magazine Rebranded

In addition to her role as an exclusive signature designer, Katniss Griffiths is also the founder and owner of IHollywood Lifestyle and Fashion Magazine, based in Southern California. Katniss has decided to partner with Alegre de Pilipinas and rebrand her magazine with the help of Chris Daymon, a talented Filipino based in Dubai, who now serves as the magazine’s Editor in Chief.

Expressing her excitement about joining Alegre, Katniss remarks, “I have decided to join Alegre because the brand ensures that its signature designers are molded and have the proper PR and exposure to elevate the designers and their talents. I feel so honored to be a part of Alegre de Pilipinas because they only accept the best of the best designers! So being an Alegre Brand Designer is an honor. Alegre creates the best and most organized fashion shows all over the world, with its recent success in Paris Fashion Week in 2023.”

Alegre de Pilipinas Set to Dominate the Fashion Industry

With Katniss Griffiths as part of the Alegre de Pilipinas team, the brand is positioned to make a significant impact in the fashion industry. Her creativity, combined with Angelo Estera’s unique vision, breathes new life into the brand, making it more impactful and relevant in the world of fashion.

The world eagerly anticipates the magic they will create together, as Alegre de Pilipinas aims to elevate the fashion industry by producing high-quality couture designs that never compromise on customer satisfaction. Katniss and Angelo are set to make their debut with Alegre de Pilipinas at NYFW 2024, showcasing their elegant designs in Dubai Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Alegre de Pilipinas’ vision is to provide an international platform for all talented Filipino artists.

Katniss Griffiths

Sourced Photo

Alegre de Pilipinas continues its quest to expand its reach and disrupt the fashion industry. With the addition of Katniss Griffiths, the brand is poised to set new standards for Filipino-inspired fashion and further the advocacy of providing opportunities and recognition to Filipino talents on a global scale. As Katniss and Angelo prepare to unveil their creations in the world’s most prestigious fashion events, the fashion industry is sure to undergo a major shake-up, and we can all look forward to the innovations they will bring to the forefront of the fashion world.

To contact, visit www.alegredepilipinas.net or check out the “official” Alegre De Pilipinas Facebook page.

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