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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Karwanna D. Irving.: Pioneering Transformational Education at Dream Achiever University

Karwanna D. Irving
Photo Credited to: KarwannaSpeaks.com/media

By: PamPerryPR

As the dawn of a new year unfolds, the establishment of Dream Achiever University manifests as a milestone of no ordinary caliber. The brainchild of the visionary Dr. Karwanna D. Irving, the university is a testament to the power of a single individual’s resilience and determination. 

Embodying exceptional audacity, this institution of higher learning also serves as a significant symbol of trailblazing achievements by a woman in the educational landscape.

The premise of Dream Achiever University stems from the harmonious coalescence of faith and the marketplace. The academic institution is not about imparting education but rather nurturing individuals who comprehend the intersection of faith and the modern marketplace. 

Formal Launch & Commencement Ceremony: 

January 27, 2024 at 1PM – 3PM PST

Location: Ruth Williams Bayview Opera House

4705 3rd. St. San Francisco, CA 94124

R.S.V.P Text the word “DREAM” to 510-330-0244

A fusion of spiritual values and pragmatic education, it stands as a beacon of transformational education and a testament to Dr. Karwanna’s commitment to spiritual and professional growth.

At the heart of this unique institution is an ardent belief: success in today’s world is not solely about professional skills; it crucially involves a strong ethical grounding and a sense of purpose rooted in faith. 

This novel approach to education stands firmly on the groundwork of faith-based principles integrated seamlessly into academic pursuits.

This exceptional approach to education transcends traditional paradigms. More than just the founder of an accredited university, Dr. Karwanna surfaces as a revolutionary force breaking barriers, reshaping the educational landscape and proactively embedding faith as an integral part of learning. 

Her pioneering work is a manifestation of the power women wield in shaping the world, setting profound benchmarks, and inspiring others to pursue their dreams tirelessly.

Among the diverse and remarkable programs offered by Dream Achiever University, a specialized Bachelor’s and Master’s program in Government Contracting stands out. This groundbreaking program is tailored to equip students to build profitable businesses with the government as their prime client.

A testament to the efficacy of this program, graduates routinely secure lucrative contracts ranging from five to seven figures. The institution serves as a launchpad for entrepreneurs, fostering a community of achievers and promoting financial independence.

Driven by over 15 years of experience in education and leadership, Dr. Karwanna’s vision extends far beyond traditional academia. This passionate leader has crafted an institution that nurtures big dreams and facilitates even bigger achievements. 

An extraordinary satisfaction rate among students and outstanding user feedback underlines the remarkable success and the profound impact of this pioneering establishment.

Dr. Karwanna’s efforts have resulted in more than just an institution of higher learning—she has built a university that catalyzes social transformation. Dream Achiever University fosters hope, creating pathways to an equitable, empowered, and prosperous future. 

“I’m most excited about the opportunity to leverage the high-level business knowledge that I’ve learned over the past decade as a bridge to quickly close the wealth gap and to give students the opportunity to turn their knowledge into profits while learning,” says Dr. Karwanna. 

As a tribute to her monumental efforts, Dream Achiever University provides an opportunity for the individual or their colleagues to receive an Honorary Doctorate Ph.D. in Business or the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award by President Biden during their commencement and launch ceremony on Saturday, January 27 in San Francisco. 


Endorsed and signed by President Biden, this award is a testament to a lifetime of outstanding dedication and achievement. It acknowledges individuals who have made enduring contributions to their fields, embodying the highest standards of excellence.


This award recognizes individuals whose unwavering commitment to Christian leadership and business excellence has not only set them apart but has also inspired positive change in their communities and beyond.

This new year resonates with the audacity of dreams, the courage of a visionary leader, and the inception of a revolutionary educational institution. Dr. Karwanna’s insurmountable ambition and tireless efforts are a beacon of hope for anyone aspiring to dream, learn and achieve in unprecedented ways. 

Dream Achiever University—inspiring a new dawn of transformative education empowering change beyond boundaries. For more information visit: https://dreamachieveruniversity.com. 

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