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Kaarmaa. Is the Forefront of Bay Area’s Next Sound Wave

As everyone prepares for the summer fever, music playlists are about to be reconstructed. Music artists like Kaarmaa. are taking the opportunity to break beyond their current music scene into greater heights. As a talented and young songwriter, he took his passion into action for years and has lived for his music since.

Kaarmaa. deserves to be included in any discussion on this century’s most outstanding music songwriters as he spearheads the sound of summer for this year. As he does so, he is blurring the boundaries between rap, hip-hop, and electronic dance music. He is imbuing a sense of summertime energy with his music that attracts enthusiasts looking for up-and-coming artists dedicated to what they do. 

In the heart of San Francisco Bay Area, California, Kaarmaa. is carefully probing his feelings and the needs of others to ensure everyone from all walks of life relates to his songwriting. He’s a brilliant musician and a technical wizard who never loses sight of a song’s basic humanity, making him display an incredible aptitude for success in the music industry. 

Despite being known worldwide for its hip-hop/rap industry, the Bay Area offers a diversified roster of musicians. Kaarmaa emulates how he can go above others by his versatility as he reflects the diversity present in where he’s from. 

The singer-songwriter moves through the spaces of the industry with ease as his music waves reflect his knowledge of the industry’s ins and outs. Kaarmaa., who has been producing music for over six years, has been taking his craft seriously and is creating new songs on the verge of release. Since Kaarmaa.’s first single, “Influence,” was released on Soundcloud a year ago, he continuously attracts more fans and becomes a promising star. 

It seemed like 2020 would only bring more opportunities followed after his debut project, “Inst!nct,” was released, which was engendered to be the voice and help people cope with uncertain times. It also aims to bring hope to those who are in need. 

His lyrical journey began in his final year of high school in 2014, and he has worked tirelessly to hone his creative abilities during his college studies at UC Davis. Now, one can hear his skills on Kaarmaa.’s 2021 breakout single, “Stay.” Currently, Kaarmaa. is attempting to break into social media platforms where his new tune is already receiving a lot of attention—gaining rapid success on Spotify. 

Even though he has only published one track on the major streaming platforms, he manages to pack a lot of textures and tempos into the four minutes and ten seconds. Kaarmaa. not only demonstrates his abilities to rap and singing, but he also demonstrates that he has a strong ear for mixing and the modifications that need to be made to his voice to bring out the best version of himself—a complex understanding of the nuances of art. 

Despite his sound of genre-mixing magic being a success, Kaarmaa. is still open to new ideas, adapting to new situations, and learning and relearning new things. This, coupled with his display of personality by fusing elements from several sounds into a single unified mood, has led him to the continuously growing 6,000 monthly listeners. 

As the young artist from the Bay Area is making his way to the greater heights of the industry, get updated by following Kaarmaa. on Spotify.

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