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Journey River Green-Son of Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox

The third and youngest child of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox’s ex-husband, is Journey River Green. However, we know a few things about the Journey despite his few public appearances.


The Journey was created on August 4, 2016, around 11 p.m. in Los Angeles, California. His mother didn’t reveal the news until April of that year when she was spotted at CinemaCon in Las Vegas sporting a considerable baby bulge.


When the actress filed for divorce

it was unclear if Green was the biological father of her kid.


His parents have always done a great job protecting him and his siblings, especially from the prying eyes of the media. Fox posted a photo of Journey on social media only a few months after giving birth.


Noah, Bodhi, and Kassius, who were siblings to Journey at birth, were children of Brian and his former spouse, Vanessa Marcel.


His parents raised the Journey, and his mother forbade him from using an iPad or watching TV because she didn’t want him to be badly impacted by technology. She also pushed her family to adopt good eating practices and avoid bad food. Gun Machine Kelly was heard saying the following once:


She has a very healthy diet. Therefore everything on her menu is gluten-free and organic.


Journey River Green: who is she?

A famous young person is He is well-known for being the child of Megan Fox, an American actress, and Brian Austin Green, a well-known American actor.


The famed entertainers’ third kid is named Journey River Green. In this piece, I’ll go through Journey River Green’s background, education, age, parents, net worth, and a few other intriguing facts about him. Let’s take a short look at his profile before moving on.


Biography of River Green, Journey

Journey River Green, who is well-known for being the third child of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, a famous couple, was born in his native America on August 4, 2016.


Journey River was one of three children born in Los Angeles, California, a state in the United States. Like him, they are still relatively young, yet one of his siblings is twenty. They spend as much time with him as his parents.


River Green Education Journey

The Journey has only been around for five years, at least as of the time this article was published. I’m referring to the fact that his academic history is unknown and has not yet been posted online. He should, however, have been in preschool at the time.


Parents and siblings of Journey River Green

Our research indicates that  father is Brian Austin Green and his mother is Megan Fox. His parents are American film industry celebrities, as already mention.


Paternal grandfather’s name is George Green, and his maternal grandfather is Franklin Thomas Fox. His maternal grandmother’s name is Gloria Darlene Fox, while his paternal grandmother is Joyce Green.


He has two biological brothers and one stepbrother that lives with him. His blood brothers are named Noah Shannon Green and Bodhi Ransom Green, while his stepbrother is named Kassius Green.


Bodhi Ransom Green, born on February 12, 2014, and is two and a few months older than him, was eight years old at the time of his birth. On the other side, his stepbrother Kassius Green, born on March 15, 2002, is the oldest.


Kassius Green is 22 years old right now. He is the offspring of Journey River’s father and actress, Vanessa Marcil; his full name is Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green.


In other news, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, the parents of Journey River, have split up.


River Green Career Journey

Journey River Green has no career except being famous by birth. He is still relatively young to be in the workforce. If they haven’t already, his parents could get him one soon.


River Green, Journey’s Height and Weight

Journey River does not yet have solid specifications for height and weight because it is still developing. Even though this is the case due to his age, the photos of him that his parents occasionally post on social media show that he appears in good physical shape.


River Journey Green Age

Journey River Green was six years old when we last updated this story on our website, Thrill NG. The Fourth of August is the day he celebrates his birthday. Furthermore, he was born an American citizen because Los Angeles, California, is where he was born. He should follow in his parent’s footsteps, who are devout Christians.


The net value of Journey River Green

The net worth of Journey River Green is unknown. However, as he matures, as a job begins, and his net worth increases, we will update this post. The estimate net worth of Journey River Green’s mother is $10 million, while his father is say to be over $8 million.


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