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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Inspiring Mentor Michelle Edelen: Advocating for the Empowerment and Excellence of Women

A lot of people fall prey to the assumption that having a lot of money solves all problems. While it is true that gaining wealth can make a person’s life more comfortable, it does not always equate to contentment and joy. Cognizant of this, Excellence Engineer Michelle Edelen has made it her mission to show people how to enhance their lives holistically and achieve excellence.

The remarkable woman is a certified coach, mentor, speaker, and change catalyst who specializes in teaching clients how to operate entirely from a place of excellence. With more than 20 years of experience under her belt, she has helped countless individuals unleash the inner greatness and divine talents of ambitious professionals.

With her guidance, clients have unleashed the inner greatness and divine talents within them. All the while, the insightful individual also encourages people to walk the path God has planned for them.

What makes Michelle Edelen stand out is her unrivaled dedication to her craft. All products and services that she offers are faith-based and rooted in best practices, which she considers crucial. Moreover, she utilizes strategies that are easily applicable to everyday-life situations.

Aside from that, she is also an excellent speaker who has touched many. As the inspiring woman profoundly shared, “I know there’s power in words, and when you commit to being the best you can be, no one or nothing can stop you. So, I live by this motto: ‘Always excel, never settle – excellence is the only option.’ And when you connect with me, I’ll show you how to proclaim that mediocrity has no place in your world and excellence truly is your only option.”

On top of being a motivational speaker, she is also a six-figure executive in State government and a co-pastor of the Fountain of Living Waters Church together with her husband. But what motivated the outstanding life coach to pursue a career that helps others are her firsthand experiences with adversity. 

Like so many women, she used to have self-limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Eventually, she realized how debilitating these negative thoughts are and how these could hold her back from becoming the best version of herself. 

From then on, she has committed to elevating her mindset and pursuing excellence. In addition to her own journey towards success, Michelle Edelen also felt the need to share her learnings with other women and empower them. 

She created Excellence In All, a consulting firm that helps women understand that they do not have to be stuck or held hostage by any of these issues. Instead, by providing actionable strategies and practical tools, clients can activate all of the excellence, God-given abilities, gifts, skills, and talents inside them. 

There is no doubt that Michelle Edelen is an authority in the field of mentoring. Moving forward, the accomplished entrepreneur sees herself retiring from her corporate position and becoming a full-time life coach. She aims that through her guidance, thousands more women can scale their success and achieve massive success.To learn more about Michelle Edelen, visit the official website of Fair Consulting Group.

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