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Innovative Company Autumn DNA Ushers in a New Era in the Health and Wellness Space

When it comes to health and nutrients, people often seek the best regiments that suit their needs, delving into a broad search and picking out supplements. However, while people generally have a one-size-fits-all mindset regarding health, others believe that people should get the specific supplements they need. Gianni Lotfi and Adam Pivko are two individuals who sought a solution and, in turn, created Autumn DNA.

Autumn DNA is a groundbreaking company in science that focuses on Nutrigenomics. It is renowned as one of the most innovative companies nationwide, utilizing science and DNA to figure out what people need rather than using the typical trial and error method. Autumn DNA decodes a person’s DNA through an actual at-home sample and then sends them monthly supplements and nutrients that best suit what their DNA and body need to stay healthy.

The company believes that the sooner people understand and assess their health (genetics and choices), the more likely they are to make better choices, whether it’s with them or another company. “One size does not fit all,” said the founders. “The technology is available now to get it right for your own unique needs on the first try.”

Autumn DNA leverages DNA insight and a thorough lifestyle assessment for its analysis. Despite being a health and wellness business with incredibly high integrity, people often assume they are a data company.

“We are unique because we refuse to sell people vitamins and supplements they don’t actually need,” the founders revealed. “One cannot just ‘go shopping’ with us. We seek to eliminate the trial-and-error process of supplementation by just getting it right on the first try.”

The Autumn DNA process has three steps. First, the user completes a DNA assessment via a confidential at-home DNA collection kit or uploads raw DNA information from platforms like 23andMe or AncestryDNA. The company then completes its online lifestyle assessment directly in its Autumn DNA customer portal. Finally, they combine the results to produce a report available in the customer portal and ship the first month’s personalized supply.

Like most companies today, Autumn DNA is powered by technology, enabling users to understand their recommendations and deliver unique precisions for each person. Everything the company built is completely proprietary with no precedent to replicate or iterate from, so all the research, documentation, scoring, and outcomes were developed in-house with the assistance of their incredible scientific board. Autumn DNA also has its own DNA genotyping chipset at its world-class lab partner, which was specifically designed to look at the relevant genes and SNPs the team needs to perform their analysis.

“We built this at first, for ourselves out of complete frustration with the vitamin and supplement industry, in particular, multivitamin claims/formulations, and because of our negative history with recommendations from financially incentivized practitioners,” revealed Gianni Lotfi and Adam Pivko. “The trigger moment for us was when we provided this service to friends and family, and one said, ‘I realize now, I knew what healthy even felt like.’ If that doesn’t motivate you to help more people, not sure what will.”

The founders are very particular about their health and what they eat. Adam Pivko spent a significant portion of his career prior to Autumn DNA traveling to and working for a company based in San Francisco. He has a caffeine sensitivity but still can’t resist the amazing Philz Coffee, and he also spoke very fondly about A16 restaurant and an incredible vegan sushi restaurant called Shizen (and he’s not even vegan). “We definitely have a growing customer base in the San Francisco area, and also utilize a powerful CRM and business automation tool to help run our business, which is headquartered there,” Adam shared.

Since its development, Autumn DNA has ushered in a new age for personalized health and wellness strategies. Founders Gianni and Adam believe that copycats will soon arrive with the space heating up. However, as the company had a good head start, they are confident that Autumn DNA will not only help people but become the market leader.

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