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In the Spotlight: Outgoing, Fun and Adventurous Danny Nova

“The secret to modeling is not being perfect. What one needs is a face that people can identify in a second. You have to be given what’s needed by nature, and what’s needed is to bring something new.” – Karl Lagerfeld

Modeling as a career has always been a glamorous field. It brings numerous chances to meet various people and opportunities to travel the world. People who have gone a long way in the field are established and are also highly paid. Models display and pose themselves for the professional objective of fashion, art, and advertisements of different products. The benefits associated with being a model include novel experiences, handsome salary, traveling, publicity, and exposure. Whoever becomes a model is exposed to several different skills such as communication, proper posture, and poise. Danny Nova came to the United States when he was only four years old with his dad, and he is not only a model but is also an actor. Danny’s life changed when Wilhelmina Models spotted him and when he got the chance to sign with them in Los Angeles and Miami.

Danny Nova’s dad was a political prisoner in Cuba searching for a better life and freedom. Describing himself as outgoing, fun, and adventurous, Danny has been modeling since he was 23 years old. In an interview with Wire Magazine, he says how “I got spotted by Wilhelmina Models and got the opportunity to sign with them here in Miami and in Los Angeles. After a few years, I was signed by Elite Models in Miami.” But, when passion soars, it sweeps over everything in life, and such was the case with Danny Nova. His passion for modeling did not stop with him working with Wilhelmina Models because he pursued his passion to great heights. After some time, he got into acting. According to Danny, “Then I got into acting, and one thing just brings the other along. I’ve been in many magazines here in U.S. and in Europe. I have worked with many brands, such as Calvin Klein, Guess by Marciano, Polo Jeans and other European brands. Sometimes things just happen in life, opportunities arise that you’re not even looking for.”

As can be seen from how Danny pursues his passions and career, he is indeed an outgoing, fun, and adventurous individual. The model who became an actor can be seen getting the best of both worlds, and he seems to be enjoying it. According to him, he enjoys modeling, but acting is still another world for him. What Danny truly treasures about the acting world is the passion and feeling that both the worlds offer. Only in acting does one get the chance to be so many different characters and experience many different circumstances.

It appears as if it has all been a great adventure for Danny Nova, be it acting or modeling. He became an actor the same way that he became a model. In the same way that Wilhelmina Models spotted him to become an actor, another person introduced him to the world of acting. According to Danny, “I really came to care for a lot [for this person], not just professionally but emotionally, and to this day, I say that he’s another father figure for me. So, he first got me into television on Univision in Sabado Gigante with Don Francisco, on a segment they called “El Hombre Ideal.” Then, I got into La Belleza Latina, where I was the model for the girls that year.” Before Danny left for Mexico to study acting, he was invited to be in EL Gordo Y La Flaca as a permanent model for the show, and he was there for quite some time.

Apart from being a known model and actor, another thing worth noting about Danny Nova is his humbleness as a parent. In an interview with Wire Magazine, he tells his fans that his son, Daniel Alejandro, is an essential thing in his life. According to the model gone actor, he loves doing the most is spending time with his son. This involves playing sports with him, going to the park, and doing anything that would just bring a smile to his son’s face because it makes Danny Nova happy. Apart from working his best to be the best model and actor, Danny Nova works to be the best dad.

As can be seen, behind a man of great fame, success, and glamour is somebody’s father who wishes to show his son all the values and important things in life that would help him grow. Spending time with his son and dancing are two of Danny’s most favorite pastimes. The model and actor is as involved in his career as he is in his family, and whatever he has done in his life, he has done in an outgoing, fun, and adventurous manner.

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