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Ideas to Create an Outdoor Living Space for California Summers

Ideas to Create an Outdoor Living Space for California Summers
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The warm weather is on the way, and Californians will be spending more of their time outdoors basking in the sun and enjoying family life. This is the perfect time to build an outdoor living space using any of the six ideas below:

1. Build Your Own Smoker

The summer offers exceptional fun when Californians party and make delightful food at cookouts. Among the favorite items to have at a cookout, the smoker produces a unique and delicious array of quality foods that can be enjoyed time and time again.

The great thing is that you can build your own or purchase one and build a comfortable cookout area around it. One of the easiest smoker builds converts a traditional gas grill into a smoker without much fuss.

Simply purchase the smoking chips that would normally be used for a smoker. Soak the chips for half an hour in water to prepare them for smoking. Then heat the gas grill to a temperature of 225 degrees.

The next step requires you to wrap the coals in tin foil riddled with tiny holes for steam to escape. Finally, place the damp wood chips over the foil-wrapped coals and start smoking. Smoking will take longer, up to six hours, but can provide a richer taste and tenderize brisket and other cuts of meat into melt-in-your-mouth bites.

2. Build a Deck

Many homes don’t have much of a yard. The solution may be to build a deck. Decks can provide spacious seating for parties and sun chairs. Building the deck from quality materials that withstand weather and pressure generally requires pressure-treated lumber.

3. Build a Pit Barbecue

This is as easy as digging a shallow, square hole in your yard. You want the pit to be close enough to make carrying food convenient without choking out your home with smoke.

Once you dig a pit, about the depth of a cinderblock, you simply line the sides of the pit with vertical bricks to build a perfect square. Use a level to ensure that the bricks are all placed at a uniform depth. Adding gravel to the bottom and stone slabs around the pit to establish its presence will improve its function and aesthetic appeal.

Finally, you place the grill grating over the top of the pit. This structure can be filled with coals and adapted to a variety of dimensions and designs and accommodate larger volumes of food as needed.

4. Create a Sun Shade Using Sun-Repellent Fabric

Creating a sun shade for any outdoor setting is easier than you think. Sun-repellent fabrics are affordable and easy to stretch over any outdoor area. In most cases, you can simply sandwich the fabric sheets between two thin strips of wood to build structural support for hanging them anywhere. Nylon chords and eye hooks can be used to rig them up on poles, trees, and off-building structures.

5. Build a Gazebo

You can build your backyard gazebo with just a few hundred dollars in wood, nails, and shingles. The hardest part is planting the posts deep enough in the ground to keep the gazebo stable. Once you have set the posts, it is just a matter of measuring and building up a roof around the structure.

6. Hang a Hammock

An inexpensive way to build a communal area in your backyard is by setting up hammocks. Kids love to play in these, and adults love to nap in them when the kids wear them out. If you have trees on your property, building a cozy living space by setting up hammocks between groups of trees can add charm and character to your property.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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