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HPG Networks Appoint Jeffrey Perrill as Director of Fashion

HPG Networks, an online publisher and content producer, recently appointed Jeffrey Perrill as Director of Fashion. Jeffrey is a Senior Contributor who has been covering fashion and lifestyle stories for quite some time now, giving him a unique perspective on the intricacies of the fashion industry. He is also well-versed in supply chain management and brand marketing. 

As Director of Fashion, Jeffrey is tasked to oversee merchandising and brand marketing and keep track of lifestyle and fashion-related content that HPG can publish ahead of other online publishing sites. The New York-based HPG executive is known for his broad network within the fashion world, mostly composed of gifted and highly-skilled individuals who help him promote brands and products. 

“He is driven by his passion for fashion and textile sustainability, ensuring that products are attractive while preventing them from being too harmful to the environment. He is a keen writer of fashion content. A lot of fashion products create waste and are toxic to the environment,” an HPG executive revealed.

The young HPG executive attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and finished a degree in Associate of Arts and Sciences, Fashion Business Management, in 2020. In 2022, he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Business Management from the same institute. 

Jeffrey has a rich background in the fashion industry. He started as a wardrobe assistant in 2019 and assisted in wardrobe and professional fittings in highly exclusive editorial shoots featuring famous brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Vogue Hong Kong. Part of his responsibilities was to provide strong insights into trends and research about the fashion industry. Additionally, he worked directly in sourcing fashion and accessories from PR agencies and retail locations. He has been part of the Stella Maxwell shoot for VS, Well Hair Professionals for the Intarisfree Show and Estetica Magazine, and the Vogue HK cover with Hailey Bieber. 

In March 2020, Jeffrey worked part-time as Investment Analyst for HPG Asset Management. While there, he did market research and analyzed financial reports on investments found within the HPG investment portfolio. He also contributed to growing the company’s assets to more than $1.2 million. 

To say that Jeffrey Perrill is a great addition to HPG Networks is an understatement. If anything, his vast knowledge and experience in the fashion industry make him a prized asset in the company. His presence in the executive team boosts the value of the company. Having on board will easily translate to more collaborations and elevated marketing strategies that will cater to the needs of fashion groups across the world. 

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