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How to Double Output from Existing Wind Farms: The Wind Harvest Solution

How to Double Output from Existing Wind Farms: The Wind Harvest Solution
Photo Courtesy: Wind Harvest

In the quest for cleaner and more efficient energy sources, wind power stands out as a practical solution. Yet many wind farms are not utilizing their full potential. 

Enter Wind Harvest, a pioneering company offering innovative solutions to double the output from existing wind farms and capture previously untapped resources.

At the heart of Wind Harvest’s approach lies a deep understanding of the challenges facing wind turbines, particularly in harnessing gusty, turbulent mid-level wind resources. 

Their answer is a new vertical axis wind turbine durable and efficient enough to harvest the turbulent wind that blows under the traditional turbines in wind farms.  So, how exactly can Wind Harvest double the output from existing wind farms? Let’s take a closer look at the efficiencies gained by incorporating vertical axis wind turbines like Wind Harvesters into these operations:

Capturing Untapped Wind Resources: The turbines target turbulent mid-level winds, not used by traditional models. 

Compact and Robust Design: At less than 90 feet tall these durable turbines are short enough to operate under the propeller-type turbines without causing them harm. Modeling predicts that the turbines will have a 70+ year life.  

Energy Dense: They operate in pairs and longer arrays with each turbine’s blades passing within three feet of its neighbor. 

ideal for Tight Spaces:  Their short height and high density allows Wind Harvesters to be installed on properties where tall traditional turbines are not permitted or can’t be transported.  

Doubling Energy Output: By harnessing mid-level winds within existing and new wind farms, the company’s turbines can double or even triple the land’s energy production

Saving Habitat: Adding a new wind farm under an existing wind farm doubles the use of the property and roads and reduces the need to convert raw land into wind farms. 

Speed: It is faster to permit and build an “understory” wind farm than a new one.

Sustainability: More businesses and communities in windy areas can have long lasting wind energy projects where tall turbines aren’t permitted. 

Synergistic Solutions: CalTech field studies and modeling predicts that the vortices shed from H-type turbines like Wind Harvesters will draw high altitude, faster moving wind into the taller turbine and increase the energy output of the existing turbines above and quickly replenish mid-level wind speeds as well. 

In conclusion, while Wind Harvest’s innovative solutions hold immense promise for doubling the output from existing wind farms, there are still hurdles to overcome before widespread adoption can be achieved. 

However, the company has made significant strides in overcoming these challenges. With over $20 million raised in funding, new patents pending and advancements made towards commercialization, Wind Harvest is now in its final phase before its technology can be deployed on a large scale. 

As the company continues to push the boundaries of renewable energy innovation, it is poised to revolutionize the wind energy sector and play a pivotal role in shaping a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Published by: Holy Minoza


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