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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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How This E-Commerce Brand Got their own Holiday

How This E-Commerce Brand Got their own Holiday
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Residents of San Diego will make it a point to celebrate the third annual Festival of Floats in grand fashion together on July 30th, 2023. On one of the summer’s sunniest days, from 11 am to 5 pm, these locals will gather at San Diego’s Mission Bay for an event that promises to be the hottest float fest of the summer.

“We are putting something together that is going to be truly unique,” says Patrick Frank, co-founder and CEO of the e-commerce brand Float Factory. “Not only are we celebrating the floating community, we are bringing together people and companies from all over So-Cal to participate in making this a day to never forget!”

The origin of the Festival of Floats

The Festival of Floats, much like any other significant holiday, has an interesting history behind it. Ash and Kitty — two lifelong friends who came up with the idea for the festival — initially thought of the original idea while taking it easy in a hot tub on a group vacation.

“We’ve spent hundreds of happy hours in our animal floaties surfing the waves from the ocean to the bay,” reflects Ash. “So we finally decided we had to let our friends and neighbors in on the fun! Our mission was to demonstrate how much fun it is to float.”

The two friends settled on the last Sunday of July and pledged that the event would be “for the community, by the community.” After announcing their plan on social media, they were surprised to find that the community shared the same level of excitement about the upcoming gathering as they did. 

“Even on the very first year, we realized we had hit on something remarkable,” Ash remembers. “It seemed like everyone was excited to take part — even our neighborhood businesses have started getting in touch with us to ask how they can participate in this incredible gathering! After all these years, here we are, stronger and bigger each July, and this year’s festival will be the largest and finest to date. I can tell you for a fact that many people look forward to this day all year long!”

Float Factory makes an appearance at the First National Float Day and Festival of Floats

In celebration of the very first National Float Day on July 30th, Float Factory plans to make a splash at Mission Bay. They are also working with local charities and organizations to give back to the community by raising donations for local groups who take care of nearby parks and bays, and putting together an organized trash cleanup. 

“Tommy and I will be putting on a show alongside Kitty and Ashley to make this feel like more than just a day at the bay,” says Frank. “We will have setups all up and down the bay, but the real action will be in the water. We have some big things planned, and all anyone needs to bring is a good time with them!”

As for what should festivalgoers anticipate at the event, locals and attendees alike can get a sense of what’s in store for them by looking at pictures from the 2022 Festival of Floats. And for the latest information, they can follow @fofjam on Twitter or Instagram.

This year, there will be DJs will be playing music throughout the entire event, vendors staffing one-of-a-kind booths and tables, complimentary food, air pump stations, and even float giveaways for the community. Attendees can sign up in advance to receive information about the gathering and have the opportunity to enter for a chance to win a prize pack from Float Factory — valued at $1,000 — that includes four floats, an air pump, and a towel.

Frank promises that he and his team will be waiting on the shore with sparklers in hand to present the ultimate prize to the lucky winner. “We can’t wait to hand this prize off in person — it’s gonna be a real show!”

How the community can contribute to the Festival of Floats

Visitors to the event should do whatever it takes to avoid showing up empty-handed and stranding themselves on shore. If they are in need of a float, they can save 15% on their order at the Float Factory’s online store by entering the promotional code “FLOATFEST” when they place their order.

Any inflatable float will do — from a simple inner tube to a motorized race car from Float Factory. On July 30th, Mission Bay will be dotted with bobbing unicorns, swans, donuts, and slices of pizza. Along with floaties, community residents should bring a spirit of fun and adventure, and come to the event prepared to make connections with new friends and neighbors. The Festival of Floats is a chance to connect with the community, destress, and return to the things people love about childhood.

“Get ready for a day in the sun that will completely blow your mind,” Frank says. “Let go and enjoy the ride that is life, gather up your most outrageous floaties, and come celebrate the annual Festival of Floats with us at Mission Bay!”

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