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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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How Substrata Accelerates Sales Mastery in the Digital Era

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The past few decades have shown a massive shift in how sales are done. And in 2022, one particular shift is causing ripples of change throughout the sales industry: the rise of inside sales.

Companies worldwide have spent the last two years adapting to the “new normal,” and one thing has become abundantly clear—they’re not eager to return to pre-2020 practices. The limitations of traditional, in-person sales meetings have become apparent, as the majority of B2B buyers (over 70 percent, as per McKinsey & Co) now prefer remote interactions.

This preference, while efficient, presents a unique challenge: how can sales professionals truly understand their clients and prospects in a digital world?

Enter Substrata, the startup that’s changing the game by transforming ordinary sales professionals into superheroes of the digital era. In a world where the handshake has been replaced by a video call, Substrata’s AI-powered behavioral sales intelligence platform stands as the beacon of hope for inside sales teams.

How Substrata is Revolutionizing Inside Sales

At the heart of Substrata’s innovation lies its Social Signal Processing Technology—a marvel that seamlessly blends deep learning, natural language processing, linguistics, social science, cognitive science, and psychology.

This sophisticated technology deciphers the nuances hidden within our digital interactions, going beyond mere words to reveal the secrets of emotions, dispositions, and other non-verbal cues.

Imagine this: a sales professional engaged in an email interaction with a potential client. Substrata’s AI discreetly analyzes not only what’s said but also how it’s said. It picks up on subtle cues—the interest, the doubt, the hesitation in the text—all the things that go unnoticed by the human eye but hold immense significance in the world of sales. Armed with this invaluable information, this sales superhero can adjust their approach in real-time, delivering a pitch that resonates on a personal level.

The true magic of Substrata’s platform lies in its ability to decode the unspoken. It’s the tool that helps salespeople decipher the emotions behind the words, gaining insight into the client’s mindset and needs. With this newfound understanding, sales professionals can tailor their strategies to perfection, making every interaction count.

What the Modern Sales Professional Looks Like

The modern sales professional is a hybrid creature – part tech-savvy wizard, part empathetic psychologist. They are armed with cutting-edge tools like Substrata’s platform, which empower them to navigate the digital realm with finesse.

They understand the power of data. With access to a treasure trove of insights, making data-driven decisions a breeze. They can analyze trends, preferences, and buying signals with precision, leaving nothing to chance. No longer reliant on gut feelings, these professionals harness the intelligence of algorithms to close deals effectively.

In addition, modern sales professionals are masters of adaptability. In a world where the sales landscape can change at the drop of a hat, they pivot effortlessly. And they have the power to tweak their strategies on the fly with platforms like Substrata to equip them with real-time feedback. They are agile and always one step ahead of the game.

But perhaps most importantly, the modern sales professional possesses an innate ability to connect on a human level. They understand that beneath the digital veneer, there are real people with real emotions. This is where Substrata shines because its technology aids them in uncovering the emotional cues that drive decisions, fostering a deeper connection and trust with their clients.

Ultimately, the journey that sales intelligence platforms like Substrata is emblematic of the massive changes the world of sales is experiencing. And with sales professionals armed with the tools to maximize their capabilities and do what they do best, they have become the superheroes of sales.

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