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How one solution for hair loss goes deeper than the rest…and restores more than confidence


When someone with an entrepreneurial spirit faces a personal difficulty, they can usually devise a way to resolve it effectively – and very often, that solution becomes a life-changer for others too!

From ‘Hair’ to There: Lost and Found

Back in 2013, James Bartholomeusz, an expert in the science and development of lasers for aesthetic technologies, began experiencing scalp health issues which led to hair loss. He consulted several top dermatologists in his professional network, but none of them could give him a viable answer. After seeking advice from so many, James finally turned to long-time friend and colleague Dr. Amy Forman-Taub, a brilliant mind at the top of her field, and he had an epiphany: he needed to come up with the optimum solution himself, in collaboration with Dr. Taub, who would become a co-founder of the new brand. His KeraFactor™ products resulted from this epiphany: it’s a brilliant solution for hair and scalp health that is functional as both a pro-active treatment and a preventative measure.

What is Biomimetics? 

Having developed laser hair removal systems for many years, James focused on how he could reverse his technology – by creating an innovative way to restore the hair. Utilizing his expertise in organic chemistry, he aimed to develop a groundbreaking solution for hair rejuvenation and scalp health. With nature as a model, biomimetics emulates the right combination of growth factors that have been found to support hair regeneration. 

Researching unique biomimetic growth factors as catalysts, he formulated a scalp-stimulating solution that is now available for anyone who’s experienced hair loss and those who want to prevent it proactively!

A Winning Daily Combination

The new KeraFactor™ formula is available in a premier collection of scalp-stimulating products: the unique KeraFactor™ Solution, Shampoo and Conditioner, and a KeraFactor™ Wet & Dry Brush that people can use daily to massage the products into the scalp. Considering the various stages of hair growth, KeraFactor™ may be used as a preventative and restorative treatment. The products included in the kit encourage scalp health while repairing existing damage, with a robust end goal: a healthy scalp equals healthy hair. Furthermore, because it has no known side effects, KeraFactor™ can be used daily, and customers can feel safe and comfortable doing just that.  

KeraFactor™ is a direct solution, not a supplement. It can be used as a complementary treatment to other products, so there’s no need to disrupt other treatments to integrate KeraFactor™ into one’s routine. With the entire process wholly owned and controlled from inception to encapsulation, the KeraFactor™ combination (solution, shampoo, and conditioner) is  superior to their competitors’ products. What’s NOT in the KeraFactor™ formulas is as important as what is: there’s no Minoxidil, Finasteride, Spironolactone, or other hormones. 

The Common Sense Behind the Science

Clarifying the science behind KeraFactor™ in logical terms, James compares a healthy scalp to a well-manicured lawn. Many existing products on the market address the cause of hair loss, but they don’t do enough to support the rejuvenation and growth of new hair. James likens this to weeding the lawn without fertilizing the grass; just as a green and healthy lawn needs fertilizer, a healthy scalp needs KeraFactor™, which could be considered a ‘fertilizer’ for hair. 

This common-sense method has resulted in unparalleled success for its end users. In recent trials, clients who used KeraFactor™ have experienced higher hair counts and increased thickness, improving strength and fullness. Rather than waiting until after the hair is gone, regularly using these products as a preventative measure will help prevent the loss.

Currently available in the U.S. and Australia, the plans to launch KeraFactor™ in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region will make hair rejuvenation and restoration a global phenomenon. 

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