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How Family First Life Elite Has Been Providing for Its Clients and Agents

Insurance is an important asset that provides protection and financial safety net for various areas of life. Whether it is health or properties, insurance covers individuals and families to reduce anxiety in difficult situations. Family First Life Elite is a company driven to help people secure the financial help they need, putting its clients’ needs ahead of everything else.

Family First Life Elite was created by Albert Lau, whose giving personality helped forge his company. Lau wanted to build a brand that could allow him to reach out and serve others while staying financially secure. He delved into research, highlighting careers that could let him do both. Lau narrowed down his choices, and the legal field held some promise, he eventually decided to get into life insurance because of its potential to generate a considerable income. “The financial services industry has created more millionaires than any other industry,” Lau revealed, “That’s something that can shock a lot of people.”

Once he set his sights on life insurance, Lau worked relentlessly to create his brand. Utilizing his knowledge, Albert Lau created Family First Life Elite to hold the same values he carries in his heart. The company’s mission is built on the foundations of the importance of family. “Our mission at Family First Life Elite is to make the families we protect and the families of our agents our number one priority.” Lau knows that two of the most significant components in life insurance are trust and loyalty. Both are never given and must be earned, which is why he encourages everyone in his company to give everything they have to win their clients and agents over. 

Family First Life ELite specializes in a plethora of services like mortgage protection, life insurance, final expense life insurance, retirement planning through universal life policies, and retirement protection through the use of fixed index annuities. Because clients have different needs, the company has multiple insurance carriers that they collaborate with to meet their clients’ situations. Among their carriers are Americo, Mutual of Omaha, Aetna and many others. 

While their clients are their top priority, FFL Elite Elite holds their staff to the highest degree. Lau understands that a well-paid team will be more driven to deliver quality output. With his staff working to provide for their families, he does what he can to help his agents earn more and build their businesses. 

With the world entering a digital era, Lau and Family First Life Elite have adapted to the times, utilizing multiple platforms to create an advanced social media presence. The team at FFL Elite utilizes their knowledge to create some of the best social media content, helping them stand out in one of the most competitive industries. Additionally, the company has been consistent in generating considerable revenue. Recently, they have stepped up to accumulate $1 million worth of business a month, doubling their work last year. 

Family First Life Elite is already making a positive impact in the industry, but Albert Lau believes they can do more. “I see us getting really big,” he shared, “I see us hitting massive milestones and creating a lot of millionaires.” With the consistent revenue growth, the team at FFL Elite is confident that they make greater leaps, helping millions of families get financial protection and setting up their children for success on the way.

Learn more about Family First Life Elite by visiting their official website.

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