Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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How Clear Choice Merchant Solutions Is Revolutionizing Payment Processing

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Bridging the Gap Between Payment Processing and Tech

One of the key components of all modern business transactions is payment processing. It’s also one of the main points of difficulty for both customers and businesses. Somewhere between the swipe of the credit card and the “Payment approved” notice, there’s a world of complication between a seller and their customer. It’s completely invisible at its best, but at its worst, it can ring the death knell on a sale. Clear Choice Merchant Solutions is one company working to keep this process as smooth as possible.

What Kind of Merchant Solutions Do They Provide?

Initially founded in Modesto, California, in 2014, Clear Choice has made a post-pandemic pivot toward merchant services. Owner Emmanuel Gonzalez has turned it into a credit card processing company specializing in helping small, family, and growing companies develop custom payment systems that more established companies take for granted. In addition to setting up payment systems, Clear Choice also helps build loyalty programs with custom rewards and even develops mobile apps for its clients.

Services For All Companies: Large and (Especially) Small

For Clear Choice, one main priority is to help new companies establish deep roots in their communities. They understand how complicated it can be for small businesses to coordinate in-store purchases with website and app sales, especially when adding customer pick-up and delivery options. Pile on custom customer requests or a few unlucky technical glitches, and small businesses will end up with more headaches than they can afford. Clear Choice provides ongoing technical support and on-the-ground reps to help with these hurdles. It’s all about giving businesses of all sizes—large or small—access to the best modern fintech the industry has.

Disrupting an Industry in Need of Change

This turns into community activism. In a single year, Clear Choice established payment processing solutions for over 250 merchants, helping small businesses become established in communities, with many more partnerships in the works. Merchant services like this are often a risky investment for small businesses, full of invisible costs or unreliable services. Still, Clear Choice is disrupting these assumptions by providing world-class, reliable service. Their suite of services is pushing a new industry standard, including some marketing and ongoing access to support services.

Community-Focused Growth Will Drive Industry Standards

Clear Choice Merchant Solutions, under the ownership of Emmanuel Gonzalez, is creating a new kind of partnership between a sales-based business and the processing company they rely on. It’s a relationship based on fostering deep community roots. While Clear Choice is deeply connected to Modesto, CA, it’s rapidly spreading its business reach. It hopes to have representatives in all 50 U.S. states soon, where it will provide its comprehensive suite of services to an ever-increasing number of businesses that are growing their communities. As much as Clear Choice provides solutions for businesses, it also provides assets for communities, giving some of their most important small vendors the tools they need for long-term success. With accessibility, transparency, and simple reliability, Clear Choice is changing the business landscape one business at a time.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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