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HONESTGANG Offers Luxurious and High-Quality Clothing to Their High Profile Customers

HONESTGANG is a luxury streetwear brand based in Canada, owned and operated by serial entrepreneur Jay Honest (Jordan Poirier Whelan) & his wife Alaska Grey. This high-end brand has recently gained major attention from reviewers and customers alike who simply live by the quality standard that HONESTGANG stands by! They offer sizes XXS to 7XL with no up-charge in the price for bigger sizes. This is what Jay Honest, the owner of the luxurious company, calls ”no size discrimination shopping”, and it is a rule of thumb alongside express shipping and worldwide availability, something we don’t see often in the fashion industry!

The clothing company aims to be the next leader in Canadian luxury fashion, giving its customers a chance to become influencers, models or be promoted for free! The luxury company started in 2019 as a record label. In 2021, it evolved into the empire it is today. Honestgang handles public relations, promotion, fashion and many more sectors within the industry thus making them not only a great choice but a valuable company for worthy investors seeking to be a part of something bigger!

Alongside the Luxury collection on May 13, 2022, the Status and Gold Status collections are dropping to celebrate the release of Cash Guns 2 by CEO Jay Honest and R&B heavy hitter Choyce Cincere. These collections are catered to influencers, models, photographers, rappers & anyone seeking to reach their goals in style. Made with only the best materials, picked and tested one by one by Jay and the team at HONESTGANG to assure the highest possible quality for their customers.

“We cater to a more expensive crowd. A crowd of those who truly do not mind paying more to be in high-quality clothing. I don’t mind paying 150$ for a sweater from a brand I love, but when I receive it and put it on, I am not content with how it feels, that is when I decided to make a change”, says the luxury company owner.

(Exclusive Preview Of The LUXURY Collection)

After years of shopping and not being happy with the quality these brands put out, Jay Honest made it his mission to jump into fashion. Alongside published model and wife Alaska Grey, Jay felt it was very fitting to pursue this endeavor.  “We want to make sure that we are reliable no matter where we are. We have nine factories in six major countries, making our delivery service much more reliable than most. From Canada Post express to USPS express and Latvia express, we only use express services to guarantee quick arrival and happy customers”, says Jay Honest. 

The successful luxury company owner got his motivation to start this company from realizing that people are willing to buy expensive clothes because of brands. He wants to offer an excellent brand with excellent quality.  “After buying $800 worth of BAPE clothing and $1400 on a Louis Vuitton jacket, you realize that you are paying more for the brand and not the quality. Why not offer people both? If you are paying a premium quality, why not do that for your customers?” the brilliant company owner says. Years from now, Jay Honest envisions HONESTGANG having models from around the world, influencers and artists of all genders, united to bring HONESTGANG to the forefront of fashion. 

“Something I have dreamed of since I was a child is partnering or collaborating with bigger brands to bring our customers and our fans even greater things. For example, we would love to partner with a tech wear or jeans brand such as Nevstudio or Dickie’s to offer new kinds of pants. The possibilities are endless at HONESTGANG”, says the company’s owner.

To discover the Canadian fashion brand, be sure to visit www.HONESTGANG.us and follow the company and team @HONESTGANG @iAmJayHonest & @iAmAlaskaGrey. 

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