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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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From Journalist and Writer to Astrological Interpreter: Meet Gabu Camacho

Gabu Camacho
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The best of both worlds comes from an alliance between the alchemy of words and the ‘glow up’ of astrology

Astrology can be a path to access the minds and hearts of people, and Gabu Camacho knows this all too well. One of Brazil’s foremost revelations when it comes to using the language of the stars to change people’s lives, he believes in the correlation between the universe and Earth to write exactly what people need to find emotional balance and well-being.

Fascinated by the esoteric world since childhood, Gabu Camacho graduated in Journalism from the University of Taubaté and learned to read and write at the age of four. He studied Astrology with his grandmother, discovered Psychoanalysis during postgraduate studies, and learned Tarot on his own. “I’ve always been a big fan of therapy, reading birth charts, going to Tarot consultations… Self-discovery, for me, comes from all sides. People think you have to do therapy or visit an astrologer. Go to a psychologist or read Tarot. I never believed in choosing one over the other. For me, you have to combine forces and use all areas together to your advantage,” says the astrologer.

But it doesn’t stop there, because the DNA of writing also always showed its strong presence. Fascinated by literature from a very young age, he worked for ten years as the editor-in-chief of Beco Literário, a literature and culture portal aimed at young adults, where he had the opportunity to publish two poetry books, combining his passion for crafting stories with the desire to connect with people genuinely.

Interpreter of the Stars: Astrology as a ‘Glow Up’

At 27 years old, Gabu Camacho believes that self-care begins from the inside out, in a long and often challenging journey of self-discovery. He has always been the “astrology obsessed friend” who had Tarot cards in his bag to advise anyone in need. Over time (and lots of therapy!), he realized that these were powerful tools to connect with people and provide a true energetic ‘glow up.’

Alchemy Of Words: Literature as a Tool

When he realized that astrology, when communicated with a touch of journalism and literature, was capable of reaching the hearts and minds of people, Gabu Camacho began dedicating himself in a casual and straightforward manner on his social media (@gabucamacho) to what was previously restricted to his closest friends: translating astral energies to provoke introspection and inner changes.

With a unique blend of astrology, journalism, and literature, Gabu Camacho has tapped into a realm where the celestial and the terrestrial converge. His journey from journalism and writing to becoming a sought-after astrological interpreter showcases the power of merging diverse passions. 

Indeed, Gabu Camacho “spills the beans” when it comes to combining astrology, an ancient knowledge, with communication, the field in which he is trained, in an innovative way that has garnered thousands of followers on all social media platforms. The best of both worlds, for him, comes from a balance between a childhood personal passion and providing support through his words for people’s journeys around the world.

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