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Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC Tackling the Rising Student Loan Menace

It’s clear that Student loans are a primary contributor to the rapid increase in college tuition through the years in the United States. According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, student loans have grown to $1.76 trillion, and graduate students accrue roughly 50% of that. At the same time, the average Bachelor’s Degree graduate has a loan plus interest of about $30,000 hanging over their heads upon graduation. This is indeed a menace that seems to be spiraling out of control. Students and prospects continue to apply and access these various loans to further their education. However, the problem is not in the continued access to student loans but the apparent inability of most beneficiaries to pay back their loan plus the accrued interests several years after graduation. California student loan attorney Greg Fitzgerald, realizing how problematic the situation has become for the future generation, decided to dedicate his expertise and firm, Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC, to combating this problem and helping citizens reduce their debts.

Greg Fitzgerald is a co-founder and senior partner at California-based law firm Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC. This law firm provides financial advice and legal services to its clients, especially on issues regarding loans and debt. According to Fitzgerald, the idea behind the establishment of the firm was primarily to help as many people as possible offset their student loans because he observed that the problem is not the unwillingness to pay back the debt, but often times the misleading and confusing information by the lender as part of their tactics to make the borrower accrue more interest.

With Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC, the firm is committed to helping every student give primary attention to resolving their various student loans. Contrary to the opinion of some lenders such as SoFi, the Statute of Limitations does apply to private student loans. Therefore, the borrower does not have to pay back the debt if the applicable statute of limitations has run on a particular debt. There is an end. Borrowers must learn this. They do not have to live with the debt for the rest of their lives. 

Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC provides services such as Student Loan Debt settlement, Payday/Cash Advance Debt, Medical and Insurance Debt, Auto Related Debt and even Bankruptcy. According to co-founder and senior partner Greg Fitzgerald, anyone with a pre-existing debt profile looking to set up a repayment plan or looking to seek expert opinions on how to approach a debt situation is the firm’s target audience. And contrary to what lenders and their enablers say, debts can and do get settled for less than 100% everyday. Even student loan debts. 

As part of Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC’s social responsibility, the firm believes the spike in the cost of a tertiary institution and the corresponding increase in the number of student loans given has created a significant burden on the United States economy and, by extension, future borrowers. Therefore, the firm is committed to slashing student loan debt for many of its clients and has seen great success. It is establishing itself as the one-stop-shop for debt relief.

Learn more about Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC by visiting their website.

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