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Fitness Expert Ryan Harden to Launch Supplement Brand Harden Essentials

Fitness expert and entrepreneur Ryan Harden has had a tremendous positive impact on the lives of his clients over the past decade by providing them with a personalized program designed to suit their lifestyle and fitness goals. Through Harden Performance, Ryan has helped his clients become healthier, more focused, and more productive. Like any other business, Ryan knows it is time to innovate and introduce something new to his clients. He isn’t wasting any time and will be introducing Harden Essentials, a supplement line in gummy form that will be the first of its kind. 

Harden Essentials is carefully engineered to leverage the many health benefits of Ashwagandha KSM-66, a powerful ingredient that has a lot of helpful properties. Apart from being popular for being able to reduce stress and anxiety, studies also show that it may benefit athletic performance. Additionally, it has the ability to reduce symptoms of some mental health conditions, boost testosterone and increase fertility in men, reduce blood sugar levels, lessen inflammation, improve brain function, and promote better sleep.

“The mission is really to just bring a supplement that helps people with stress. It is what Harden Essentials is. We’re going to end up launching multiple supplements, and they may not be just geared toward stress. So the mission with Harden Essentials is really just to bring high-quality supplements to people,” Ryan explained. 

Ryan has had the privilege of working with a wide array of clients. He conducts online health and fitness coaching to make it more convenient for them. Ryan is a very mindful kind of coach. During days when his clients are demotivated to exercise, he helps them process the circumstances to overcome procrastination. While people have different reasons when they fail to go to their online class, Ryan makes time to listen to them to get to the bottom of the problem, if there be any. 

“The mission is to help people feel strong, confident, and sexy,” Ryan added.

Ryan’s interest in fitness started when he was a young adult who was insecure about his weight. Conscious about being teased and made fun of, he decided to take matters into his own hands and make the necessary change so he could feel good about his body. That single most important decision of his life to make a change in himself turned out to be very beneficial. He strongly recommends that others also make the same decision for themselves so they, too, can enjoy life to the fullest. 

“Take your life by the wheel. Take action if you want something. If you want a different result than what you’ve been getting, you have to be willing to do something differently,” Ryan said.

All his clients trust Ryan with their lives. They believe in his leadership and ability to make a lasting difference in their lives through his effective and helpful fitness program. Having worked for four years in a hospital for the mentally ill has given him a bigger perspective on things, cementing his plan and personal desire to help people. 

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