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Female Primacy: What is it, and What Role does it Play in our Society?

The role of women has often been misinterpreted and misrepresented in society. Every domain out there is gendered. Even today, women are expected to remain adherent to societally-constructed gender norms and expectations. All women are subject to criticism, especially when flouting the general rules of gendered expectations.

The only way to change those misogynistic, and often patriarchally defined ideologies, is to bring about a paradigm shift and transform the conventional, masculine norms with female primacy.

Female primacy is the ideology that aims to reverse the rules of patriarchy. It means that women come first, and placing woman-identifying groups at the top of the hierarchy, honoring them with the power that the Divine Feminine grants women intrinsically.

However, female primacy works on a different principle than feminism, so those two should not be misconstrued. Where feminism advocates for equal rights between men and women, female primacy functions differently. It is the objective of female primacy to place women in power at all levels of society.

Female primacy creates a structure in which women are the conquerors, have the upper hand, and creates an environment for all people to coexist, rather than be subjugated. If women are valued higher within the societal structure, by giving them back the power of their words, the respect they deserve as caretakers and life-bringers – the world would inherently become a better place to live in.

Female primacy does not aim to mimic the structure of the patriarchy. The Divine Feminine creates an entirely different system of values and structures, by cultivating independence and coupling it with softness, wisdom, and sensuality, while celebrating the power of feminine spirit.

A society built on the concept of female primacy will inevitably lead to breakthroughs in all aspects of life, with regard to the pioneer women that are often overlooked through history despite their contributions to science, mathematics, government, and language. The priority shift helps to create an understanding of the feminine energy as something powerful, rather than something to be ashamed of or dismissed due to antiquated belief systems.

Female primacy does make many people uncomfortable, but the truth in that is that change is often uncomfortable. While women have been subjugated and made powerless within the patriarchy, masculine energy has been prioritized, and with that has not come a revolutionary understanding of societal norms, nor expansive growth in human interaction. Female primacy proves that women can take the lead and end the oppression of many – not just those with substantial and long standing power. From this position, women can articulate the current system’s limitations and encourage inclusivity.

In the not-so-distant future, women will have more of a ruling say on the world stage. That has been evident in the many advances made by women in positions of power. In the future, men won’t feel oppressed by being second in a female-dominant society, as it is natural for women to take control, both inside the home and out. 

In the current system, women try to survive, and female energy is constantly blocked and suppressed. Female primacy will help to reverse the current systems of toxic masculinity, and help to unleash the divine power that was always there.

Woman-first and woman-led are the ideals of female primacy and by default, the Fusion Movement. They envision a place where women would feel safer and more confident to be in their bodies and stand up for themselves.

The keepers and carriers, mending each other, understanding each other, nourishing each other – that is what the future beholds.

Like what you are reading? Visit the Fusion Movement website for more information on how to claim your femininity and become a change maker in a society organized as female dominating.

Turn the tables, and reverse the cards. The future is yours!



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