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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Entrepreneur Brian Mark Leads the Business Coaching for Online Fitness Industry

When it comes to coaching online fitness practitioners, there is no doubt that entrepreneur and trainer Brian Mark is leading the business. The owner of Aesthetic Nation, a fitness organization, transitioned to business coaching for online trainers in 2018 and, in less than three years, dominated the industry, generating more than 1,250 clients in his coaching program. Among all of his students, at least 196 of them are making an impressive and consistent $10,000 a month. 

His entrepreneurial journey began in 2013 when he first established Aesthetic Nation. Brian worked with thousands of clients coming from all over the world, teaching them workout programs, meal plans, and the value of being part of a fitness community. From there, he has evolved into a thriving business coach and podcast host of Change Lives and Make Money online trainer podcast, the number 1 show for online trainers and Apple Podcast’s top 50 business podcast. 

Before developing his business, Brian’s life was a vicious cycle of overcoming his drug addiction. When he started his sobriety journey in 2012, he started living healthy, prompting him to create a career out of teaching people how it is done. His online business coaching program took off shortly after the pandemic started. He started offering the program for $400 a month and trainers grabbed the opportunity to learn how to earn $10,000 a month regularly. 

More than earning, Brian Mark has always been about empowering the people around him to live better and healthier lives. Seeing that there is a pressing need to equip trainers to be able to adapt to the pandemic restrictions, his experience was a timely service for so many who were displaced when the lockdowns happened. 

Brian Mark’s motivation for developing his online business coaching business was quite simple—he could never imagine himself working to fulfill someone else’s business vision. Instead, he wanted to channel all his resources and energy into realizing his own vision for himself and his future. While he has misgivings about being an employee, he was the exact opposite of a business owner. Interestingly, he was focused, driven, and extremely passionate about coaching others to live their best lives. 

The success of PT Dominion has inspired Brian Mark to dream bigger in the next few years. Ambitious though it may sound, he envisions himself becoming the next Gary Vaynerchuk. It is this ambition that fuels him to reach out to more people and impact their lives significantly. Making a difference in their future by empowering them today is something that he finds deep fulfillment in. 

It is no secret that Brian Mark was born and raised in a trailer park, struggled with drug addiction as a young man, has reached rock bottom because of the same vice, and struggled with money the most part of his life. But if there is one thing that he has proven, it is that every person has the chance to become better no matter how badly he started in life. Today, at 30 years old, he owns his own company, earns $5 million a year, and helps people become better through his online coaching business. If he can pull himself out from his dark past, then others can, too. It is only a matter of will and the openness to do what needs to be done to succeed. 

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