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EnergyX: Leading the World in Shifting to Sustainable Energy

In recent years, the conversation about protecting the environment has become more widespread. As a result, more people are getting involved in finding ways to avert the catastrophe that will ravage the earth if the ongoing climate crisis remains unchecked. One significant way to help with this cause is converting to renewable energy sources. Enter into the equation EnergyX, a company committed to making sustainable energy more accessible to the public. 

Serial entrepreneur Teague Egan founded the venture after a life-changing visit to the Salar de Uyuni in the mountains of Bolivia. He learned that the area is home to the world’s largest salt flat, and held beneath the salt brines is the world’s single largest lithium reserve. The visionary saw the immense potential and immediately thought of harnessing renewable energy; thus, EnergyX was born.

Teague believes that most people are willing to convert to more eco-friendly alternatives and contribute to saving the planet. However, more individuals are still using outdated and harmful energy sources because they tend to be cheaper and more readily available. For this reason, the inventor has made it the company’s mission to find the most cost-effective and high-yielding technologies. In effect, it can promote the shift to clean energy by producing affordable, reliable, and most importantly, sustainable products to the community.

With industry experts and leading scientists in renewable energy sources on its team, EnergyX has created its proprietary LiTAS™ nanotechnology for direct lithium extraction and SoLiS™ solid-state battery electrolytes.

On top of its admirable dedication to innovation, what makes the company stand out from the competition is its unique culture of challenging the status quo. It also follows a modern approach and has a vast social media presence, a feat that no other mining company in the world has achieved.

In the pursuit of making renewable energy sources more accessible to the general public, Teague Egan has employed several strategies, including efforts to commercialize their ground-breaking technologies, crowd-funding projects, and even helping broker energy deals for the United States. The company has several locations across the country, but its central laboratory is situated in Silicon Valley in San Francisco, the birthplace of numerous indispensable inventions in today’s world. The laboratory has partnered with the world leader in the development and production of membrane-based separation systems, new membrane materials and processes, and refining industries—Membrane Technology and Research, Inc. The partnership gives EnergyX access to a world-class research team which will become instrumental in fulfilling the company’s goals and mission.

Aside from that, due to its Series A financing success, where it reached a total funding of $20 million, the company is planning to onboard and fill in over 100 positions within the following year. The San Francisco location is also shaping up to be a strong contender where EnergyX will launch its planned Energy Innovation Lab.

Teague Egan alongside EnergyX has a clear game plan for the future, and its team even created a 10-Year Master Plan posted on their website; The company continues to look for innovative solutions and hopes to bring affordable lithium-based energy storage into everyday life. Ultimately, the venture wants to maintain its intention to lead the world to transition to sustainable energy.

Learn more about EnergyX and its noble cause—and planet-saving ideas—of promoting and creating renewable energy sources by checking its official website.

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