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DJ Chris Angel Creates Diversified Songs to Stand Out in the Music Industry

Emerging disc jockey known as Chris Angel is on his way to becoming a personality of great promise in the music industry. Not only is his career a celebration of his love for music, it is also a celebration of his victory over anxiety and depression that kicked in after he left the military to pursue his dream. Despite the odds this year, he released his debut song titled “Dakati,” which is available on Spotify and other major streaming platforms.

Combining his diverse music inspirations, DJ Chris Angel is redefining the music industry with his originality and dedication to his craft. He has overcome many of his life’s greatest challenges to get to where he is now: a passionate artist who is determined to succeed. 

The choice to become a professional and full-time DJ did not come easy to Chris Angel, who was  born Christian Younan. While his love for music has always been innate in him, making a living out of it is a completely different story. But because he believes in the power of his dream and in the potential of his new ideas, taking a leap of faith seemed like the best way to go. Ultimately, he wants to become a respectable music artist to inspire and empower others to god or their dreams, no matter how challenging or unthinkable they may appear in the beginning.

Chris Angel has a lot of life principles that he lives by. They serve as his unique guide whenever he hits a wall or becomes discouraged. His first principle is to not be afraid to invest in his ideas. They may sound mundane, but the fact that he came up with his own ideas should matter and should be given credit. He also believes in the value of being a constant learner, making time to read and staying hungry for more information about trends in the music and business industries. With the kind of technology that is available to this generation today, one cannot afford to leverage it to become successful one day. 

Staying away from negative people who have no appreciation for his dreams is also something that Chris Angel takes very seriously. He understands that the words of other people have the power to make or break him. He only welcomes people who believe in him into his life. Furthermore, he understands that success takes time and should not be rushed. He has his eyes set on his future success, but he is getting there at his own pace and not according to how fast others want him to go. 

The next couple of years are looking very exciting and vibrant for DJ Chris Angel as he intends to elevate his music by doing a fun collaboration with some of his favorite music artists. He expects the competition in the industry to be a constant, but he is committed to competing only with himself, which means he will continue to find ways to introduce something new for fans to enjoy. As an artist, he understands the importance of reinvention and rebranding when the right time comes. He remains open to the infinite possibilities that lie in wait in his future. 

Learn more about DJ Chris Angel by following his Instagram account. Check out his most recent release by visiting this website.

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